Marcos Sulkini
View from the Top

Technology for Boutique Logistics Services

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 16:41

Q: How does Promologistics' focus on logistics and loyalty programs help you stand out in the market?

A: Promologistics has been in the market for 12 years but has almost 20 years of experience in logistic services. The company was founded to provide added value services to the entire supply chain and our initial goal was to cater to SMEs. However, over time we changed our mission and now focus on providing services to Triple-A companies. 
We want to become a consulting partner for our clients and help them focus on their core business and invest in more strategic and commercial projects, which in turn helps them to create new business lines. For instance, we have developed two projects with Grupo Modelo. One is called Beerhouse, which centers on the distribution of craft beer. We manage the warehousing, picking and packaging processes and product delivery. We are also in charge of Grupo Modelo’s Amigos Modelo business, which distributes Grupo Modelo’s brand and promotional products. For this project, we are also oversee the picking and packaging and delivery processes. 
In terms of loyalty programs, we manage everything related to the product offering with a portfolio of more than 5,000 options. We manage the creation of digital and printed catalogs, as well as the digital platform, product delivery and reverse logistics for each program. For example, we manage the loyalty programs for many banks in Mexico and create a personalized experience in product packaging for their products throughout the redemption process.

Q: How has Promologistics’ offering evolved in line with the market’s needs?

A: We have invested in technology and human resources to better provide ad-hoc solutions for our clients. We strongly believe that being close to our clients will help us gain the necessary understanding and knowledge to develop personalized solutions. Over our 12 years of experience, we have recognized that spinning off some of our services into separate businesses would result in a more professional overall operation, which resulted in the development of our Next Cloud technology company. We also developed another business unit that helps companies grow through e-commerce and another focused on the creation and management of loyalty programs. We have developed six companies in total, including Promologistics. 

Q: What is the added value of Promologistics’ reverse logistics service?

A: This is a service that usually nobody wants to provide because a common belief is that once the product has been shipped that is the end of the company’s service. Reverse logistics is very important but unfortunately many companies do not pay as much attention to this area. A quality reverse logistics service provides a significant opportunity to build client loyalty.  
Our call center is staffed with 250 people who provide what we call our “last-mile” service and who are part of the reverse logistics offering. We verify that the product is delivered on time and to the right place. We are connected with all our couriers through different technologies; if the courier arrives to our client’s house and no one is there to receive the product, our system is notified. Many clients hire us exclusively for our reverse logistics services. 
Q: What advantages does Promologistics offer over its competitors?

A: We have very few competitors because very few companies offer our 360° service. We have created a sophisticated network that has allowed us to become experts in specialized deliveries. Since we do not have the infrastructure of large carriers, we developed alliances with them so we can use their networks. Our service is boutique. We take advantage of the strength of carriers like Estafeta and, together with our technology and agility, we create new services and added value within the logistics world. Managing a last-mile service helps us identify any problem that might arise and to be proactive in solving it.