Victor Díaz
Founding Director
Globexplore Drilling & Analytics
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Actions for Building Healthy Relationships with Local Communities

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 13:47

Q: How important is the interaction with the local community during the early exploration stages?
A: It is extremely important and often overlooked in the early stages. It can simply make or break a project. During our 13 years of operations throughout Mexico we have known about many incidents that directly affected the success to failure of potential mines. What should have been positive encounters with the local communities instead turned negative and ultimately ended what could have become successful properties. Here are just a few examples where drilling contractors had caused serious problems for exploration and mining companies. One story was a driller who had a negative dating experience with the local mayor’s daughter. Also, there was a drunk driving accident that killed the surface right owner’s brother. Then, one time,a gate was left open that caused the loss of a ranchers prized breeding bulls. Also, there was an incident of pumping water from a rancher’s irrigation tanks without permission that ruined his crops. Another was mistreatment of a local cook who turned out to be related to the surface owner’s family. These are all terrible stories that should have never happened and not only shut down development but also hurt the reputation of our industry.
Q: How has Globexplore earned such a clean track record and positive reputation with its interactions within the local communities it has worked in?
A: We are proud that we have never had one serious or negative event that has ever caused any issue for ourselves and more importantly for our clients. We achieve this because we hire and train a corporate culture that our team practices with respect to the local communities we interact with. Each one of our employees understands that they do not only represent Globexplore but they also represent our clients image—to the local communities we are all one. Therefore, it is critically important that all of our actions are positive, considerate and appropriate. Positive community interaction is just as important as safety and production rates and therefore an extensive part of our training and daily shift change meetings. This includes but is not limited to environmental cleanliness, simple courtesies at the local gas station, motel or machine shop, to driving slowly, keeping dust to a minimum and closing ranchers’ gates. In addition to common courtesies we have drilled water wells for ranchers, repaired many fences, upgraded local schools, supplied new uniforms for hospitals, police departments, upgraded many existing homes and often built completely new camp houses that all have helped build trust and friendships that aids our clients' goals of goodwill within the local communities they need to support their future. This is especially important as our current government is focusing more attention on the local communities’ involvement in the exploration and mine development process.
Q: How have new technologies in Globexplore’s drilling methods made a positive impact for your clients’ interactions with the local communities they work within?
A: We have reacted quickly to the challenges our clients face with regards to road and drill pad permits and property owners concerns about the environmental impacts drilling can have. The solutions we provide to these issues have had a tremendously positive reaction by our clients and the communities they operate in. Our compact Man Portable Drill Rigs can be transported on narrow foot trails instead of large roads required by traditional drills and a pad size can be as small as 3x3 meters with very little impact on the flora and fauna. Our clients surface right owners are often much more likely to give permission when they know that we can provide them with less environmental impact, less road and drill pad scaring on their land. In addition to this, we utilize new technologies of water recycling that uses up to 70 percent less water which is a valuable resource for livestock and agriculture ranchers. This type of drilling also greatly reduces any chance of pollution and impact on the ground soil. Our philosophy is to make sure we leave with our exploration clients having the highest quality samples on target and on time while at the same time leaving the local communities with a positive impression and their properties as if we were never there.