AIMMGM Insists on Commitment to Climate Change Action
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AIMMGM Insists on Commitment to Climate Change Action

Photo by:   Patrick Hendry
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 01/30/2023 - 08:57

Within the framework of World Environmental Education Day, the Association of Mining, Metallurgic and Geology Engineers of Mexico (AIMMGM) urged the government and the mining sector to commit to working on projects to tackle climate change. The association stressed that the industry must take on a leading role as it is a fundamental industry for the energy transition. 

Luis Vázquez, President, AIMMGM, said it is time for the mining sector to rethink the measures it takes to address climate change effects, as well as to strengthen the fruitful efforts. He stressed the importance of working on the preservation of water resources, an essential asset to extract and refine minerals. 

According to the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA), the greatest natural threat to the mining industry in 20250 will be the lack of water. IMTA asked mining companies to improve their processes to avoid water pollution and consider how their operations impact the environment, communities and water deposits. 

Vázquez said that the mining sector is essential for the energy transition since it extracts key minerals like copper and silver, which are used in the electrification of cars and the transmission of energy. Therefore, it is important that the whole sector, not only operators, is consistent in its sustainability approach and starts protecting biodiversity as well as improve water and waste management systems.

Vázquez noted that the mining sector has invested over MX$4.8 billion (US$255 million) in projects focused on the preservation of the environment, which is 4.1 times more than the resources granted to the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) for water sustainable management. 

In an interview with MBN, Daniel Servigna, Mining Branch Manager, Wood, said that the main barrier for mining companies to adopt more sustainable technologies is the initial CAPEX. He highlighted that companies offering sustainable solutions must show that they create a return on investment. For instance, the mining industry is an energy-intensive industry, clean sources of energy can help companies to reduce costs and even benefit surrounding communities by providing them with sustainable electricity. 

Vázquez also talked about the importance of complying with environmental regulations. He stressed that mining companies in Mexico comply with national and international standards of environmental actions and are constantly working on the implementation of better ESG practices.

Photo by:   Patrick Hendry

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