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Applying Technology for Better Quality Drilling

Óscar Zamarrón - OZMAQ
Director General


Mon, 10/21/2013 - 11:55

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Q: What were the market opportunities identified by OZMAQ’s founders that led to the company’s creation?

A: After five years of positive results as Sales Manager for Primsa Mexico - manufacturer of the Clark Michigan wheel loaders used in the construction and mining industries - Primsa gave me the opportunity to independently manage its brand distribution for the states of San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Queretaro, Aguascalientes, and Guanajuato. We decided to start OZMAQ in 1982, equipped with just one vehicle as capital, a line of credit with Primsa, and most importantly with extensive commercial knowledge about how the industry works. We started our operations from San Luis Potosi, where we had the opportunity to work with Minera Autlán, which asked us to supply wheel loaders with bigger dimensions. After successfully completing the first order, Minera Autlán then entrusted us with its subsequent orders. OZMAQ then took on other projects within the cement industry, starting with Cementos Anáhuac and Cementos Mexicanos, and then moving on to the Government Trust for Mining Development (FIFOMI), to whom we supplied several parts. In an effort to enter the American market Volvo purchased the Clark Michigan line of products, which made it hard for Primsa to stay competitive, ending in an offer to distribute the Clark forklift trucks in Mexico, and distancing us from the mining industry for a few years. OZMAQ’s real mining industry comeback came in 2011 when my son Oscar, Commercial Director for OZMAQ, started finding strategic partners for the company.

Q: OZMAQ is distributing state of the art Swedish robotic demolition technology. How is this technology adding value to the mining industry in Mexico?

A: With the Brokk demolition line clients will be quick to start reaping safety and financial benefits. Instead of spending time cleaning materials after blasting, the operator can be sitting in a safe place while the Brokk equipment is in the front line, in the most dangerous places, working with accessories such as drum cutters, jumbos, and hammers. Drawing on enormous hydraulic power, it can be controlled remotely to remove any materials. The robot does everything: it carves, drills, hammers, handles, and manipulates materials. 

Brokk offers ongoing online training to its distributors and clients, sharing with them the best international practices. Thanks to this and to several on-site training programs given to the operators, many technical issues can be solved remotely. At one point, a mine in Tamaulipas requested our technical team to visit because the equipment was losing power. Thanks to the international best practices available in Brokk’s online database, OZMAQ was able to identify the three main causes for the malfunction and found a solution over the phone. Brokk’s equipment is equipped with 100% digital technology. Its electronics are reliable, distortion free, and have solid circuits in which there will be no particles, dust or humidity. In the case of an accident the electronic board can be replaced easily. In order to perform maintenance analyses all components are scanned by trained OZMAQ operators. The operator is responsible for the analysis and for reporting equipment failure to the report center where we work out the solutions, or replacements if necessary.

Two key arguments for choosing OZMAQ over conventional, perhaps cheaper equipment, are productivity and safety. Brokk’s technological strength lies in its high power capacity and compact dimensions. These features allow it to provide high productivity in difficult to access areas. For example, the B260 weighs 3 tonnes and has the hydraulic power of a 12 tonne excavator that would never be able to access the confined spaces that can be reached using Brokk. In addition, most of Brokk’s models are electrical and are connected to a diesel generator with regulated revolutions, which has low emissions in an outside area, resulting in a cleaner and better ventilated working environment, releasing less CO2.

Q: How will OZMAQ continue to grow and take advantage of opportunities in the Mexican mining industry?

A: As we continue to look for equipment that complements our current portfolio and offers the best performance and productivity levels, Brokk represents OZMAQ’s inspiration for growth. Our strength lies in our ability to understand, maintain and apply technologically advanced equipment, and preserve our clients’ profits

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