Ausenco Sees Opportunity in Mining Sector Despite Govt Actions
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Ausenco Sees Opportunity in Mining Sector Despite Govt Actions

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Luz Venegas - Ausenco
Business Development Manager


Q: What does Ausenco aim to achieve in the Mexican mining industry and how did the pandemic affect the company’s strategy?

A: Ausenco is a global company that offers a diversified portfolio of solutions to various industries, including the shipping, railway and mining industries. Of those, mining represents a huge area of opportunity for Ausenco. We are excited to be working in Mexico again because it is a very important and strategic market for us. We are in the process of reestablishing trusting relationships with our Mexican clients. Ausenco combines all of its international expertise to provide mining companies with world-class consulting services.

The pandemic, however, has challenged the way we go about meeting clients. It is very important for us to visit clients and to get to know their projects because a project that is poorly designed can have detrimental repercussions. Our Director of Minerals and Metals Jim Norine and I are focusing our client out-reach efforts on personally visiting our clients and their projects. This demonstrates our level of commitment and respect for our clients.


Q: SilverCrest Metals has high hopes for the Las Chispas property in Sonora. What is Ausenco’s role in ensuring the success of this operation?

A: We have a couple of important projects in Mexico, including Las Chispas. For this project, we have been bringing people from our international branches to design its development. Ausenco is also working on elements related to environmental and social responsibility.


Q: How should mining companies view nationalistic governmental proposals?

A: Mexico is going through a very interesting time because there are many challenges ahead and the mining industry has been pushed out of its comfort zone. Mining companies will have to equip themselves with teams and alliances to face these challenges. Having the right teams will allow mining companies to develop in interesting ways. As an international company, we are required to adapt to different administrations and regulations, which is a plus for us. We always have the utmost respect for the administration in charge and its laws.

In regard to the government’s recent proposals, I believe that the industry must work closely together to improve existing practices. Mexico’s industry has so many good things going for it, including great engineering and fantastic personnel. The country itself is rich in natural resources. The government needs to realize that the mining industry is at the forefront of multiple other industries in the country. It is the hidden catalyst for the recovery and future development of Mexico. We remain optimistic. These challenges represent a great opportunity for the industry to grow in terms of its strength and resilience. For us, this means that we are going to be working very closely with our clients, providing them the tools and the information they need to ensure their projects are successful.

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