Gregorio Castruita
General Manager
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Benefits of Simple Equipment

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 14:33

Q: What is Mexico’s position in your global portfolio?

A: The company entered Mexico six years ago. We sold our first machines to Mexican and Canadian companies, mostly to Negociación Minera Santa María de la Paz (NEMISA) and Endeavour Silver. When Resemin realized that product demand was increasing it saw a need to open a branch in Mexico that could offer technical support and retrofit our clients. The country has granted us important growth considering we started with only six or seven machines and we now manage a fleet of over 30. Currently, the metals prices have not allowed us to operate as we would like but we are still managing to position ourselves well in the market.

Q: Why are the Raptor and Bolter technologies especially innovative and what distinguishes them from competing technology?

A: Resemin manufactures a wide range of equipment for underground mining operations, including long-hole drills for developing fronts called Raptor, Bolter equipment, and the Troidon for production. Within each of these categories we have 2-4 models and with this variety we are able to cover different sized projects for mines with production ranging from 500t/d to 7,000t/d. The main components we use in our equipment are well-known technological processes that are used by other manufacturers of this type of equipment. As a result, we are able to achieve a high level of trust and we ensure the availability of the components.

Q: Why does Resemin manufacture simple machinery in an environment so focused on automation?

A: Resemin’s main focus is to build durable and simple machines that are productive. Underground mining operators often prefer simpler machines that eliminate the possibility of electrical problems. Companies are happy to accept this type of equipment as mining operations in Mexico demand it. Our experience in Mexico is positive and our clients know and appreciate the simplicity of our products. Operation and maintenance personnel see the equipment as an advantage because it makes for easier operations and maintenance. Despite the simplicity of the products they are as productive as any other underground machine.

Q: What is needed to improve safety conditions in underground mines?

A: Mines all over the world, whether they are open pit or underground, operate under high safety standards with the objective of eliminating the possibility of accidents. For this reason, Resemin makes sure that each piece of equipment complies with safety norms and standards with the most advanced technology available in the market. We offer our clients specialized equipment that ultimately creates safer operating environments such as our Bolter 88 and small Bolter 88 roof bolters and our Scalemin scaler. These machines carry out dangerous work that was previously performed by humans and was the root of a great deal of accidents. This is eliminated with the use of our equipment.

Q: How has the fall in metal prices affected your business?

A: Fortunatelly the growth we have experienced in Mexico is mainly due to selling simple, productive, and economic products. A simple machine does not require so many electrical components, which reduces acquisition and maintenance prices. Although it is complicated when clients implement a savings and cost reduction strategy, we see it as an area of opportunity. However, while the metal prices remain low we will be subject to a moderate growth.

Q: What are your most innovative machines that help clients reduce operational costs?

A: Resemin implemented a project two years ago called MUKI, one of the most compact units in the underground mining industry with a width of only 105cm to exploit 2m2 sections of deposits. There are several narrow vein mineral deposits, with a potential that ranges from 60 or 70cm to a few meters. These mineral deposits can be exploited with high productivity and a reduced dilution and in this way volume and quality can be obtained at a low cost. This machine has seen great success in Peru and we have already sold some of these machines in Mexico, so we are sure we will see the same success.