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Breaking Barriers Through Innovation

By Paloma Duran | Wed, 03/24/2021 - 16:37

Q: What is Transtecno’s specialization and what benefits does it provide to the Mexican mining sector?

A: Transtecno specializes in power transmission and has operated for the past 40 years.  We have invested in Mexico for seven years and have established a distribution and assembly center for the Americas that gives the mining industry many advantages. We are able to distribute equipment approved for the American and European standards. In Latin America, we have several certifications. However, we have a great deal of influence with the English system and as a result, we offer equipment that comes in millimeters and inches that are ready to be used depending on what the customer prefers.

Q: What alliances have allowed the company to strengthen its position in the mining market?

A: Last year, we were acquired by the Interpump Group, which has a power transmission division and, in that division, there are other sister companies that are now part of our portfolio for the Latin American market. Within our portfolio, we have Reggiana Riduttori that manufactures planetary gearboxes up to 10 million newton/meter, which are used mainly in the mining sector. Both companies were founded in Bologna, Italy’s mechanical and technology district, where the best engineering for power transmission, gear design and technological development is concentrated.

Transtecno can supply equipment in 24 hours and with Reggiana Riduttori we want to develop the required stock that meets the needs of our customers locally. The added value offered by this new alliance is that customers will be able to contact pre- and post-sales engineers for the entire portfolio. The companies’ products also complement each other. Therefore, we can offer better, more reliable and long-lasting products and services.

We have had several successful projects with Reggiana Riduttori that required engineering and a high degree of expertise. Our most recent customer was AUTOTEC, an authorized distributor for the mining sector.

Q: How does the company guarantee that its products and solutions work and provide the expected results?

A: From the first moment we create our products at our design center in Italy, we embrace quality. For this reason, we are committed to having the best and most outstanding gear and mechanism designers. They are the ones who initiate this process to guarantee the customer receives an excellent performance and efficiency from our products. In addition, we employ quality verification in each of the manufacturing steps. The support of our engineers before and after the sale also allows us to better understand the needs of our customers.

Reggiana Riduttori and Transtecno are fully integrated; therefore, if we have a project in Mexico or anywhere in America, there is a complete communication with our counterparts in Italy. At Transtecno and Reggiana Riduttori, one of our pillars is to provide strong support to our customers during the manufacturing, selection and use of our products.

Q: What is Transtecno modularity and why is it an added value?

A: Our modularity allows us to take our gearboxes anywhere and break them into parts, although we previously assembled the key elements to facilitate their assembly. As the design is modular, we can assemble any of the gearboxes in our portfolio in 24 hours and the advantage is that the supply is very fast. In addition, the gearboxes have good flexibility in power transmission, in terms of ratio and output velocity. The needs of the industry are diverse and modularity allows us to adapt to the requirements of each customer.

The equipment is assembled in Mexico and then shipped; subsequently, it is subject to verifications at a local level. This process has become an added value because the transfer of the equipment is directly from the company to the customer’s facilities. We have positioned ourselves as the fastest-response company because we know that through local sourcing, customers can save money and time.

Q: What are the advantages of designing with the company's "SolidWorks" software and 3D printer?

A: All these technological elements are used indoors to design, observe and test our products before they are launched to the market. With the 3D printer, we can develop our prototypes that allow us to save time and resources. In addition, we can avoid errors that we could not identify during the design process. Meanwhile, SolidWorks is a service that we offer on the platform to our customers so that they can access the drawings of our products, so they are friendly and easier to understand, allowing them to visualize the products in their projects.

Q: Why did the company choose Mexico as a strategic point for its global presence and what are the company’s plans in the short term?

A: Mexico has a very attractive platform due to the trade agreements it has with neighboring countries. We considered Mexico as a strategic point due to its geographical position that has allowed us to export and import merchandise to Canada, the US, Central America and the Caribbean.

Mexico is rarely used as a distribution center; however, Transtecno and Reggiana Riduttori believe in the geographical location of the country and its value and we think that it could increase, since Mexico has the infrastructure and ports to transport terrestrial and maritime products anywhere. In addition, the country’s prices and human capacity are highly competitive worldwide.

Our distribution and assembly center is located in Nuevo Leon, which we will have to expand to incorporate the Reggiana Riduttori assembly. Furthermore, in Mexico we are focusing on our network of TecnoMasters distributors, who are highly certified and have the knowledge to supply and support our customers locally. We believe that these plans will help us to consolidate and expand our position in the Mexican and Central American markets.

Q: What are Transtecno Group’s commercial plans in the mining market for 2021?

A: At Transtecno, we have several families seeking to expand the capabilities of their products. With Reggiana Riduttori, we have the combination of transmissions that will provide the industry with greater reduction ratios.  We also offer IP66 certified outdoor motors that are dust proof, waterproof and in the other hand our anodized finish that prevents rust. Power transmission has many applications and this year, we want to communicate to users through the media, webinars and training on the benefits of incorporating the complete design offered by Transtecno and Reggiana Riduttori. Our modular concept allows our engineers to create and test new developments through new combinations, which increase the capabilities of our products. 2021 will be a year of development and incorporation of new technologies into our products, and our main market strategy will be to offer a technical sale, so that the sector can learn about these new innovations in mining.

Transtecno Group designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of gearboxes (worm, helical in-line, helical bevel, helical parallel and planetary) and AC and DC electric motors, either standard or customized for special projects.

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