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Bylsa Drilling Sets Forth Project with Benjamin Hill in Sonora

By Miriam Bello | Thu, 07/07/2022 - 12:37

Bylsa Drilling, a leading company in the drilling services environment tackling everything typical exploration sites to extreme topographic conditions, is working alongside Benjamin Hill Mining to further some of its large-scale projects in the north of Mexico.

Benjamin Hill is a junior gold exploration company. Originally from Canada, it is exploring the Benjamin Sonora Gold Project in northern Mexico, approximately 110 km from Hermosillo, Sonora and 140 km from Tucson, Arizona. The area is associated with a famous mega fault, where important mines such as Herradura, Sierra Prieto and Santa Gertrudis were developed. Benjamin Hill’s gold project has 6,400ha with promising mineral occurrences. To date, it features eight exploration targets for mineralized areas.

According to César Virto, COO, Bylsa Drilling and Sergio Trelles, Special Geological Advisor, Benjamin Hill Mining, the project holds values of 31.4g/t gold copper values of up to 12 percent. “The Sonora Gold Project carried out an extensive sampling campaign in October 2020 to July 2021, which revealed widespread gold occurrences across the western portion of the property,” said Virto.

Benjamin Hill divided the project in four areas: Sonora Copper, El Fierro, Caracahui and La Salada. From these areas, Sonora Copper stands out significantly in terms of its potential value. Nevertheless, recent geochemical surveys indicate gold mineralization may be present in the other areas, too.

The Sonora Copper Zone’s quartz breccia vein system consists of two of parallel vein structures with a mapped surface length approaching 850m. The veins are composed of quartz with barite, sulfides and primary oxides hosted in granites and volcano-sedimentary rock. “The Sonora Copper Zone hosts impressive historical artisanal adits that exploited mineralized quartz-rich breccia veins to considerable and yet unknown depths from the surface,” said Trelles.

Trelles also explained that a total of four drill holes tallying 837m were completed in the Sonora Copper exploration zone. All four drill holes intercepted two parallel mineralized quartz veins that exhibit a hydrothermal brecciation texture with coincident hydrothermal alteration in the surrounding rock. These first four holes have delineated a block of over 450m in length and an up to 103m measured depth of continuous mineralization, with thicknesses up to 40m.

“The consistent intercepts suggest there is open potential to track mineralization both laterally and vertically. Our interpretation of the recent induced polarization and resistivity geophysical surveys suggests the vein system continues at depth and may widen with depth. This implies a mineralized body, which could be interpreted as a possible mineralized magmatic source for Sonora Copper,” Trelles shared.

As for the project development, “we must highlight that our quality and success of our exploration is because of the highest quality and safety standards from Bylsa Drilling,” he added.

Virto explained that the company can solve complex social and legal problems. “We have a total commitment to caring for the environment, ensuring that the impact be minimal or zero,” he said.

"Within the Sonora Gold area there are skarn outcrops with massive iron enrichment and gold and copper anomalies. There is also evidence of hydrothermalism,” said Macario Rocha, Geology Manager, Bylsa Drilling to MBN. He had also shared those findings also included orogenic quartz of irregular bodies distributed along the property and a hive of bimodal damns. There are also stockworks of type D Py, Ser and Qtz streaks.

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst