Jonathon Bell
Sales and Marketing Director
View from the Top

Canadian Expertise Tailored to the Mexican Market

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 13:32

Q: How long have you been in Mexico and how have you adapted to the country’s market?
A: We have been in Mexico for two years, after more than 30 years of experience in Canada, building strong connections in the industry there. The presence of Canadian mining companies in the Mexican mining sector resulted in a natural transition for us. It could be said that they brought us here with them because they trust our technical support and the products we offer. It has been the optimal challenge we were looking for in every aspect, the opportunity to create a new company, a separate entity supported by the Canadian operation.
Our focus is to tailor to the Mexican market utilizing the experience we have gained in Canada and other parts of the world. The most important task we have undertaken in these two years has been building our team. The right team is crucial to our success and is currently the difference in us taking the right steps to service clients and be successful.  
Our customers stay with us because we are honest and passionate, and our team members have to also reflect these qualities.In terms of products, pump technology has not changed all that much in recent years. What has changed are the materials available, and pump life has been extended as a result.
When talking with our customers and evaluating their needs, we often see that the pump they have is the right one but the materials are not. We have often found that in Mexico companies do not consider application details before selling their products. That is where we come in and provide the right engineering and materials. Furthermore, we are working with several foundries that are world class and enable customers to lower costs.
Q: What importance does USMCA hold for Dynapro's operations?
A: It is of capital importance that this agreement is ratified by the three countries. Part of our production is done in Canada and exported to Mexico and vice versa, so tariffs would impact our business considerably. The tariff war between the US and China, particularly the 25 percent tariff on Chinese steel, is reconfiguring relations with the US, and companies have to adapt to the emerging situation. Be that as it may, Canada and Mexico have a strong relationship that will most likely remain healthy and fruitful.
Q: What products are in highest demand among your clients in Mexico?
A: Our clients come to us with very particular needs, and we provide solutions depending on those needs. We adapt to a considerably varied demand. Our pumps are suited to different types of applications — water, slurry and chemical. We focus on the mining industry because that is where our customers can make the most of our products. Additionally, we sell wastewater pumps to other sectors of the industry.
However, we do focus heavily on working with different types of steel and rubber compounds to provide the best wear resistance so as to enhance operations. Often, we can solve issues in a simple way. A case in point is a project we recently undertook here in Sonora. Like in most mines, there is a lack of clean water in this particular location; nevertheless, the mine managers installed a pump designed for clean water.
As a result, the pump had to be repaired every month because particles in the water were destroying its internal components. We came in, analyzed the situation and provided the right pump, making sure the steel was the best-suited for the mine’s particular conditions. The new pump has been running for one year now, saving the client over US$200,000 in repairs, plus all the costs implied in stopping operations to fix the pump. From the time of identifying the problem to fixing it, two months elapsed.