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Chihuahua: Third Largest Mining Producer in the Country

By Antonio Trujillo | Tue, 10/12/2021 - 11:24

Mining data reports that Chihuahua is considered the third largest mining producing state in the country, representing an approximate 14 percent of gold production and 22 percent of silver production for the entire country.

Recently, MBN reported on the importance of silver production for the national mining industry, placing Mexico as the world’s top silver producer. Though Sonora leads the ranking, Chihuahua is not far behind in third place, where an important concentration of both gold and silver can be found.

“Chihuahua is a booming state in mining production, although it is true that there has been a drop in gold and silver in the last report,” said Gustavo Ramonet Ontiveros, Mining Director in the state’s Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development. While he acknowledged that the state has placed fourth in gold production, metals like silver and lead in Chihuahua places second. In fact, the state also concentrates 11 percent of lead production and 12 percent of zinc production.

Ramonet said that Chihuahua is a competitive state and, to exemplify the importance of the mining industry for the local state economy, he revealed that only in 2020, a total of MX$49 billion of revenue were generated. Furthermore, Ramonet assured that the mining industry has complied with safety protocols due to the pandemic, in regards to hygiene, as well as adopting all necessary health measurements, including but not limited to safe distancing, constant hand washing, usage of face masks, testing before and after entering the mines, clean working spaces, and constant supervision.

“In general, the vision of Governor Maru Campos and Secretary María Angélica Granados, in the mining industry, is a little more inclined to sustainability and rural development, friendly to the environment and focused on how to work with mining companies so that they strengthen their approach to social responsibility both in environmental impact, as well as in the development of rural communities,” he added.

Mining is considered key ally and reliever for the most marginalized communities in the state, given that they can become nests for economic activity that lies outside the rule of law, effectively becoming the focus of criminal activity, mainly the drug cartels, since the inhabitants, points Minister Ramonet, are necessarily looking out for their families and their well-being, and this makes them vulnerable. The stable nature of mining jobs is what drives his conviction.

Ramonet concluded that the entering state government he will focus mainly in facilitating and stretching ties with the industry, with a “socially responsible” vision and as much sustainability as possible. “As a director, I want to be as present as possible in our mining units, working hand in hand with the people,” he assured.

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Antonio Trujillo Antonio Trujillo Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst