Clusmin Zacatecas

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 15:21

In 2011, mining executives, federal government representatives, educational institutions and industry suppliers and service providers jointly created the Zacatecas Mining Cluster (CLUSMIN). It was founded with the objective of strengthening the development of the mining industry in the state of Zacatecas by strengthening the regional network of suppliers, developing human capital, attracting mining investment, and fostering technological innovation and occupational safety in the local mining industry.

In order to pursue these goals, CLUSMIN is organized in several committees: 1) a committee for the strengthening of providers, which aims to develop the capabilities and infrastructure of suppliers, 2) a human talent development committee, which seeks to standardize training of operators, technicians and supervisors, 3) a safety and environment committee, which pursues the goal of improving best practices in mining companies established in Zacatecas, specifically in relation to environmental responsibility and risk management, 4) an investment attraction committee, which spearheads the cluster’s efforts to encourage the permanent establishment of providers in the state, and 5) a technology and innovation development committee, which works in conjunction with the Zacatecan Council of Science, Technology and Innovation (COZCYT) to foster the development and application of new technologies.

CLUSMIN’s two years of work in Zacatecas’s mining industry have already yielded positive results, such as enabling mining companies to share project plans, technological developments and best practices. Also, five companies who serve the Zacatecan mining industry from plants in other regions have used the cluster as a stepping-stone to launch the construction of plants in Zacatecas. The certification of suppliers has also advanced the growth of companies that wish to expand their service offering within Zacatecas’s mining industry. In general, CLUSMIN has made an effective start in the creation of synergies between all actors involved in the sector, thus helping Zacatecas maintain its position as an attractive mining and mining investment destination.