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Coal Mine Collapses in Coahuila

By Paloma Duran | Wed, 06/09/2021 - 10:04

An accident at a coal mine in the municipality of Muzquiz, Coahuila trapped seven miners. The authorities hoped to rescue the miners; however, at the moment six bodies have been found, while another one is missing.

The mine is located on a property called Rancherías, owned by coal producer Gerardo Nájera. Previously, the conditions of the mine had already been denounced by employees and organizations.

According to the Coahuila Ministry of Labor, authorities received information about the accident at 12.05 pm on Friday, June 4, when it was reported that the mine was flooding and miners were trapped in its tunnels. Alfonso Gómez, Operational Deputy Director of State Civil Protection, said heavy rains had  affected the pit, which later collapsed.

Leopoldo Méndez, Damian Robles, Mauricio Cortés, Humberto Rodríguez, Gonzalo Cruz, Pedro Ramírez and Francisco Briseño were the miners who were trapped in the accident. Through a tweet, President López Obrador regretted the accident and said “we are attentive and in coordination with the municipal and state authorities. We want the rescue to be favorable for the families and for everyone.”

Coahuila´s government reported that it is working on draining the mine with hydraulic pumps and integrating specialists to speed up rescue activities. The rescue actions are being coordinated by the Ministry of National Defense, National Guard, Civil Protection and a specialized group of the company Minera del Norte Unidad MIMOSA.

Approximately 200 people, including miners, family members, rescuers, and local and federal authorities, are helping in the search and rescue of the missing miners. So far, four bodies have been found, while three miners are still missing.

In addition, authorities are providing assistance to the families of the victims. Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, leader of the National Union of Mining, Metallurgical, Steel and Allied Workers, regretted the accident and requested an exhaustive investigation.

Gerardo Márquez Guevara, Attorney General of the State (FGE), announced that he will open an investigation folder to find out what caused the accident. Márquez explained that the Attorney will focus first on the accident and then on those that could be responsible, since the owners have not collaborated. However, he assured there will be reparation to the victims and their families for the damage caused.

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Paloma Duran Paloma Duran Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst