Eduardo Zarza Fierro
Mining Manager

Comfortable Facilities Anywhere and Anytime

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 17:51

After visiting mining sites for six years, it becomes easy to recognize workers’ needs when it comes to facilities. Eduardo Zarza Fierro, Mining Manager of Espaciomovil, explains that not so long ago workers did not have access to the services and amenities they have today. “Our company has developed modular space solutions over many years so that miners can work and live comfortably. We examine the condition of each site in order to deliver a modular solution that adapts to the workers’ needs.”

Espaciomovil began working with units mounted on a chassis; however, some mining sites are located in hard to access places, making it difficult to transport such units and components by vehicle. These components are now easily transported in boxes, enabling Espaciomovil to set them up in difficult locations. In addition, its products can be assembled and disassembled with ease, allowing the modules to be reused in several locations. Once companies deplete their mines, they can dismount the modular units and relocate them elsewhere. If a company is not going to use the units right away, it can pack up the components in boxes and store them until they are needed again. “Since these products are prefabricated, there is no need for a specialized assembling team. The units are easy to set up in short periods,” emphasizes Zarza Fierro.

Some of Espaciomovil’s most requested products for the mining industry include modular dormitories and dining rooms. Mining sites also require having office spaces onsite, making units destined for this purposes a common request as well. “Mining companies have understood that their staff is the most valuable asset. This sparked a boom in improving workers’ living conditions. Having comfortable living quarters and facilities has an effect on their mood and their overall productivity,” tells Zarza Fierro. He adds that not having a proper resting place can even be dangerous since the accumulation of fatigue can lead to accidents. Mining companies have also realized that time and space destined for recreational activities is an important part of their workers’ wellbeing. Espaciomovil has designed spaces specifically for this purpose, such as gyms, TV rooms, and game rooms. He mentions that Espaciomovil has a wide variety of products that range from austere rooms to very complex and sophisticated units, which suit the clients’ different needs and budgets

Mining companies also have large storage needs, and Espaciomovil is seizing on this business opportunity. “Mines have to store heavy machinery, tools, and all sorts of goods and supplies. One of the main advantages of our prefabricated warehouses is that they do not require welding. Their components are quick and easy to assemble as long as there is a concrete base on which to mount the structure,” explains Zarza Fierro. The modular warehouses can bear corrosive environments because they are made from galvanized steel. “I have witnessed an increase in the demand for these warehouses as of late,” says Zarza Fierro, who claims all of his company’s products are necessary across the whole mining value chain. The exploration phase requires a place where samples can be stored and cartograms can be made. Modular units that can serve as offices and dorms for workers are needed during the construction and production stages. In addition, Zarza Fierro says the company’s products can be turned into a medical center to care for the ill and injured or laboratories to carry out optical mineralogy studies and other determinative tests.

Since these units are installed outside the areas where operations take place, they do not need to be hermetic. However, Espaciomovil’s manufacturing processes ensure that its products can withstand any climatic condition present in Mexico. In fact, geographical and climate conditions are taken into account when making a product because these elements determine the design and materials that will be used. “Our products have shown a great response to rain, dust, and aggressive temperature changes. The structures and linings do need an occasional maintenance operation to verify that they still are in the right conditions,” comments Zarza Fierro. He emphasizes the importance of the geographical locations where the units will be used because these determine how thermal insulation will be done. For instance, if a mining site is in the desert, the units will need heavy insulation so that they can withstand intense heat during the day and plummeting temperatures at night. Standard products can be used in other climatic zones because these can cover any need present in jungles, woodlands, and coastal locations.

Espaciomovil is by no means the only service provider of its kind. In fact, it faces competition from companies that are very well positioned in the domestic and foreign markets. “What sets us apart from our competitors is that we manufacture all of our products and we commercialize them directly without any distributors,” tells Zarza Fierro. Espaciomovil has offices in cities where the types of services it offers are sought the most.