Jorge Bertoglia
Director General
View from the Top

Companies that Adapt Always Have Work

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 13:51

Q: In what phase of a mining project are Boytec’s services employed?
A: Our company is focused on probe perforations to extract underground samples for identification. The principal techniques we use are diamond drilling and reverse circulation drilling. These probes are not just done for exploration, we also conduct them in the approval or production stage depending on the needs of the client.
Q: What is the difference between diamond drilling and reverse circulation drilling?
A: Diamond drilling effectively collects a solid core sample of the earth. A diamond matrix is used to drill through the rock and a core tube is used to collect the core sample. It is used particularly for exploration. Reverse circulation drilling is a more rigorous process. A piston mechanism is used to drill into the earth, and through an inner tube, smaller samples of ground are extracted continuously using pressure provided by blowing air into the rod, which circulates back up. The resulting samples are finer, and can be more indicative of the ore composition. Because the sample is continuously pushed up by the air, the collection process is faster. It is also less expensive than diamond drilling. The solution we deliver depends on the particular conditions of the terrain and the client’s requirements. This necessitates good communication between our company and the client to ensure we are up to date with the conditions at the mine.
Q: Why should a company choose Boytec to extract their samples?
A: Boytec is an international player with a responsible and solid track record. We endeavor to keep our employees up-to-date in terms of knowledge in the field and we use world-class equipment. Security is always our top priority. Boytec is a company that plays in the premier league.  
Q: How do you materialize a focus on security within the company?
A: We focus strongly on creating a sense of responsibility among our staff. This means they adhere to strict rules in the workplace, following every requisite procedure when operating machinery. The idea is to avoid errors and accidents that could, for example, injure the worker’s hands. We also employ a system of alerts that indicate any issues with the equipment. This is all managed digitally according to the latest standards. We constantly look at ways to improve our systems, both through analysis and by implementing fresh ideas.
Perforation is becoming increasingly automated, which leads to a more efficient and secure system.
Q: What is your take on the government’s policies and their impact on the industry?
A: In my view, we need to be aligned with these changes. A company that adapts is always going to have work. This includes any new rules for concessions and environmental demands. The government is investing a significant amount of money into various programs that could mean more work for Mexicans. We have nothing against these new directives and are doing everything to adapt.
Q: What are your growth plans for the near to midterm?
A: We are participating in a project in Fresnillo, Zacatecas where we have five teams at work for a large part of the year. The client has been very satisfied with our services and we continue to learn new things every day. As for the next few years, we will strive to provide our clients with the best possible service. We will also try to participate in all contract tenders.