Felipe Mues
President and General Director
Garlock de México
View from the Top

Comprehensive Sealing Solutions for Static & Dynamic Applications

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 17:33

Q: Given Garlock works across a variety of components, where can you add the most value to the industry?
A: The most value that Garlock has delivered since its creation in 1887 is to bring trustworthy and reliable solutions for dynamic and static sealing. It is important to understand that sealing is not a commodity. In mining, millions of dollars are invested on pipelines, measuring devices and equipment to transport fluids to be used in transformation processes. It is very important to keep the fluids controlled through adequate sealing solutions.
In the mining industry the fluids used for ore processing are commonly challenging, such as sulfuric acid and sodium cyanide. Garlock can provide the solution for dynamic equipment, like pumps with our compression packing or our mechanical seals, as well in static applications such as flanged pipelines or tanks with our gasket materials. We offer sealing solutions that have proven their safety and reliability, complying with standards such as the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) code.
Q: How does Garlock work alongside companies to correctly process all hazardous materials used in mine operations?
A: We are working with companies that produce sodium cyanide for sealing recommendations. We know that our customers have many things to take care of, so we want to help them fill blind spots in sealing processes. We have developed several training courses that can help them understand the product and the overall system in which they operate. But when talking about flange systems, this means that they need knowledge about how the components of the system interact. We are changing this mindset from a product point of view to a system point of view and thus creating a more holistic outlook.
Q: What is the detail all mine managers need to know about your solutions and their performance?
A: Even with the best sealing solution, if the overall system has a gap, there will be a failure of some kind. We recently developed and patented a new gasket technology. GLYON EPIX, released in early 2018, is designed to be a technological disruption in gasket science to obtain a tight seal with the lowest stress in the system. Another useful technology for the mining industry that we are strongly promoting in Mexico is our GPA Mechanical Seal. It focuses on abrasive applications with high solid content and allows a 60 percent reduction in the use of water.
We also have different product lines. KLOZURE includes dynamic oil seals and bearings isolators used in mills, pumps, speed reducers, motors and haul trucks wheels. As the mining environment deals with dust and slurries that challenge the bearing life element and the optimal functioning of machinery, all bearings have to be protected to maintain the lubricant and avoid contamination. Depending on the application, our KLOZURE technology can improve the life of the bearing by three to four times compared to a common oil seal.
Q: How does Garlock solve the logistical challenges of delivering its products to its Mexican customers?
A: Garlock is a US-based company with plants in Mexico, Canada and Germany. In Mexico, we are proud to host the global manufacturing center for the fiber gasket product line, which exports to all continents. We have eight branches and a network of authorized distributors in the country, with presence in most mining areas and, in some cases, warehouses inside the mines. This helps us gain direct access to the mine and be very close to the pump or the pipeline.