Nick Fogarty
General Manager Mining and Minerals
View from the Top

Comprehensive Tech Solutions Across Multiple Verticals

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 12:27

Q: What tangible benefits have Seequent’s clients in the mining sector enjoyed from the company’s solutions?
A: We have been working with the major companies in Mexico for many years now, including Peñoles-Fresnillo. We provide tools that allow our clients in the excavation segment to make important decisions faster. Quicker decision-making leads to savings by increasing efficiency and productivity. Moreover, our clients avoid investing in areas where they should not be investing.
Q: How are your products changing the way geologists and decision-makers operate?
A: The company began operations in 2004 with a single tool that allowed the creation of geological models. Now, we offer comprehensive solutions across multiple verticals. Whether it is a geological model or a management tool, one of the main challenges is connecting the data input with the decisions being made. At one end of the spectrum you have the creators of the geological models and at the other you have those who use that information. All are important in the decision-making process and for that reason we increasingly are focused on communication across the entire chain. For instance, our recently developed Leapfrog View, a 3D geological modeling software, prioritizes communication. Our products support the ecosystem of those involved in decision-making.
Q: How is centralization affecting operators in mines who may feel that they are losing decision-making power?
A: This happened when we first launched our products but we quickly negated that problem. In the end, what our users want is to be as efficient as possible and to be using the best tools available. Our users are seeing the advantages of increasing cooperation and centrality in other applications they commonly engage in, such as social media. Those types of collaboration tools now are expected to permeate the working environment. What senior managers really love about our system is that they can access the rationale behind all decisions made. This system also gives managers the ability to find years-old information easily, which is especially useful for old projects where managers may have left the company. A centralized system allows current managers to quickly find that information regardless of who worked on the project.
Q: Do you see a race developing among platforms offering centralized solutions? How will Seequent stand out?
A: We try not to think of it as a race with other players; we are just trying to enable collaboration. Clients want a seamless experience. We try to ensure that our systems work together seamlessly.
A core part of our strategy is to actively engage with other developers to ensure all solutions are compatible. We are always studying other companies and emerging technologies. We also spend a lot of time talking with our customers to develop better solutions.
Q: What partnerships has Seequent developed to increase its solutions for the mining industry?
A: We do not say that all innovations will come from our company. For that reason, we spend a great deal of time looking for startups and identifying how we can work with them to help scale their business. You cannot think you have all the answers. We have a partnership team in our organization and we spend a great deal of time identifying these companies.
We partnered with 3Point Science to centralize data in real-time to allow clients to make real-time decisions. A lot of money is spent on drilling in the wrong direction. This software ensure that operators are heading straight to the target. We are also in direct collaboration with Altos to create added value for the end customer. In 2019, we began collaborating with GQ to develop geophysics solutions. We are constantly looking to incorporate other areas that will provide added value to our customers and extend what we offer within our domain.