Carlos Arnulfo López
Director General

Construction Success Gives Ideal Segue into Mining

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 16:59

As a contractor with three decades of experience handling the supply of materials and transportation, for construction sites, it was a natural extension for Equiplan to turn to mining. Heavily certified for the construction of industrial projects, Equiplan is hailed in the public sector, through clients like SCT and the Ministry of the Interior, and in the private sector where it counts on customers like Grupo Mexico, ICA, and Grupo Carso. The company’s Director General, Carlos Arnulfo López, says mining companies are keen on the range of services Equiplan provides, including earthworks, working platforms on dirt roads, tailing dams, or industrial buildings for processes such as grinding and beyond. “Our participation in the mining sector is concentrated on our collaborations with Grupo Mexico and M3. Our company continues to look for new opportunities to carry out earthworks operations in this sector,” explains López. The contract with Grupo Mexico consists of the construction of a five-story building with four electrical control quarters in Buenavista del Cobre. Since mining sites are often in remote, hard to access locations,companies struggle with the lack of adequate roads. Equiplan can do both the planning and construction of roads so that mining companies can speed up their operations.

The company is confident about its ability to service the demanding mining industry, given that it has been put through its paces on quality controls by the likes of ICA and Grupo Carso. López says both national and foreign mining companies look for suppliers that are knowledgeable when it comes to quality, safety, and environmental security matters. “These subjects might not always have been important in the past, but they are now. Equiplan already has the right quality, safety, and environmental care manuals to comply with. We are now seeking to bolster our reputation with the right certifications, which is why we are currently in the assessment stage for the ISO 9001:2008 certification,” comments López. One fact that López has noticed is the difference in legislation governing tendering mechanisms between the public and private sectors. “Tenders in the private sector lack a grade system for submitted proposals. Private companies seldom give feedback on the competitiveness of each proposal. They might comment that the costs included in a proposal were not attractive enough, but they never benchmark the proposals.” He notes that the system should become far clearer by laying out the areas that are most important to companies putting up a tender.