Copper To Lead Low-Carbon Transition
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Copper To Lead Low-Carbon Transition

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Steve Robertson - Infinitum Copper


Q: Why did Infinitum Copper decide to focus primarily on acquiring and developing world-class copper assets?

A: I have worked in the copper industry my entire career and the timing for Infinitum Copper is really perfect as copper is essential to achieving a low-carbon world, with the goal of replacing diesel and other petroleum products with greener alternatives. I believe that the future of  the industry, society and our lives will depend heavily on copper, as there is no other replacement for it. Perhaps silver could be an option, but it is more expensive ¡. As a result, copper will be the metal that leads the world’s green transition.

Q: How is the company influenced by the current copper market environment?

A: It is certainly a good time to have quality copper projects. Companies well positioned with the right people and projects in the industry get a lot of attention when the price of copper rises. We have a fantastic opportunity with our Adelita project in Sonora. Its exploration potential is great and in the current  bull copper environment, we believe it has the potential to become a major project in Mexico.

Q: What were the main factors that the company considered before acquiring the Adelita project?

A: Adelita is a carbonate replacement deposit (CRD) system that is related to a known mineralized porphyry that provided metal-laden fluids to create mineralization in the area. This is a project well known to Peter Megaw, who is an expert in CRD’s. When he likes a project, we know it has great potential. Megaw was very excited about the Adelita project, so we acquired it and now he is helping us develop and execute our exploration plans.

Q: Why is the Alamos Mining District an optimal area for the development of the project?

A: We have to go where the deposits are and Sonora has an incredible geologic endowment. It is also a great place to work, which is evidenced by the large number of mines that have been developed in the state. There is great historic success in the exploitation of copper deposits in Sonora. For all of these reasons, we knew to seize the opportunity to be in an area that has some of the best CRD systems in the world.

Q: How does the company ensure a good relationship with nearby communities and state authorities?

A: When we decided to start this project, our first step was to communicate with the local community. We have Jorge Rafael Gallardo, who is a fantastic project leader. He was born in the area and has lived there his entire life, so he is the right person to communicate with the locals. We have already had meetings withtwo local ejidos. We are really interested in understanding their needs and concerns, as well as explaining our plans to them We will continue to have a  genuine dialoguewith them. Community relations should not be viewed as a check box but rather as something that is part of our daily lives and operations.

Regarding state authorities, Sonora is highly dependent on mining, and as a result the government officials are very experienced and competent in their jobs. We feel very comfortable working in Mexico and especially in Sonora, so we believe in ongoing good relations with the local people and authorities.

Q: How is the company progressing on its exploration targets and why do you consider the Adelita project to be a world-class asset?

A: Adelita is a world-class asset primarily because of the scale of its system. One of the previous operators drilled the skarn altered zone to about 300m depth and remained in the skarn alteration and mineralization, showing the great extent of the system.  We are also a couple of kilometers from the edge of the intrusive source and we are still in the first part of the system, which also demonstrates the strength and longevity of the system. These two characteristics generally result in large and rich deposits. Therefore, we believe that the project has all the critical factors necessary to host significant resources.

Q: What areas will the company's future exploration focus on and what are its optimization plans?

A: The easiest deposits to work with are exposed on surface and have already been found so we rely more on remote sensing techniques to guide us in our exploration and this is where geophysics plays an important role. It gives us the opportunity to visualize what could be underneath the surface. There is existing geophysical data that was obtained in previous geophysical surveys and now we are reinterpreting it with modern inversion techniques. The results of  these efforts must be used together. There is no single technique that will take us to the final goal. However, if we use all these techniques effectively, we will increase our odds of success.

Q: Why should investors pay more attention to copper projects in Mexico and especially the Adelita project?

A: I believe investors should look at copper projects operated by experienced teams working  in jurisdictions with a successful track record. Mexico is home to world-class deposits and is well  suited for hosting mineral deposits and in particular carbonate replacement deposits. After reviewing many exploration opportunities Mexico has to offer, we believe that  Sonora state is a great place to be. Our project is adjacent to Pan American Silver's  Alamo Dorado mine that operated until 2017 and we view it as a good example of the type of deposits that can be developed in the area.

Eventually, we have the potential to transform Infinitum Copper into a mine developer. We believe that we have the experience and expertise to achieve this since many members of our team have worked on exploration projects that have developed into important mines. Therefore, with some exploration success we feel it would be possible for us  to take the Adelita project to the next level, which is mineral exploitation.

Infinitum Copper is a private mining company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of world-class precious, base and battery metal assets.

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