Critical success factors in ESG implementation.
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Critical success factors in ESG implementation.

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Javier Castany By Javier Castany | Video Editor / Livestreamer - Tue, 10/12/2021 - 10:59

Although environmental and community protection policies are not new for the mining industry, it is a fact that they are undergoing a unique transformation, from being a principle-based issue to a matter of best practices and corporate policies that require follow-up, agreed panelists at Mexico Mining Forum 2021 Echo on Wednesday, August 25. Moderated by Adolfo Calatayud, Transfer Pricing, Dispute Resolution Services Partner and Mining Leader at PwC, the panel welcomed industry experts like Paola Hernandez Villalvazo, Chief Compliance Officer at America's Mining Corporation; Peter Hughes-Hallet, Country Manager and Senior Director of Sustainability and External Relations at Newmont Mexico; Luis Vera, Managing Partner at Vera & Asociados and José Tovar, Community Relations Manager of Alamos Gold. Read our full coverage here.

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