Carlos Morales
Director Latin America
View from the Top

Customized Solutions to Meet Any Market Need

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 10:44

Q: What specific characteristics differentiate your products and make Masaba stand out from other brands?

A: Our equipment is characterized by its robustness, and as a guarantee of its quality, we offer the longest warranty in the market over five years, regardless of whether the equipment is standard or customized. Moreover, we face no shipping or importation problems as our equipment meets NAFTA specifications so there is no need for our customers to pay customs tariffs and most of our equipment has a kingpin for easy haulage by a tractor. We have a team of 16 people at our factory capable of fulfilling an order for any customized requirement we receive from our customers. We recently sold three spreads to the Baffinland iron mine in north Canada. These spreads are equipped with crushers, screeners, and telescopic conveyors with a capacity of up to 2,500t/h. This equipment is operating under harsh conditions of -40°, so we fully adapted our equipment to withstand the environment.

Q: What are the main challenges mining operators face in conveying, crushing, and screening in Mexico?

A: The main challenge lies in becoming more effective and efficient in their business by purchasing more up to date technologies and using less fuel, maintenance, and labor in their operations. For this reason our equipment is able to meet the new needs of the sector. When we sell any unit of equipment, our distributors offer training to the end user, but if we do not yet have a distributor in the territory we directly train the end user.

Q: What products in Masaba’s portfolio are your most popular?

A: One of our best sellers is the Magnum Telescopic Conveyor, which is equipped with different features and options. It can extend from 130-190ft in length, with widths from 36-60in. This is an extremely interesting product as it has a stinger feature that can move without any cable or winch, and is equipped with the fully patented Masaba Tracking System. It is hydraulically controlled, more stable, more efficient, and requires less maintenance. It also has an extremely user-friendly flexible automatic PLC. This can be used in mining, aggregate, and seaports to load ships and barges. The second most popular product is the Low Profile Truck Unloader, a portable piece of equipment used to unload trucks with belly dump or rear dump configurations. It is a perfect match for the Magnum Telescoping Conveyor. Both pieces of equipment can reach a rate up to 1,500t/ hr at 100lbs/ft3.