Leonardo Martínez
Business Development Manager
Bill Clark
Vice President of Global Sales
View from the Top

Cyanide Innovation Increases Safety, Productivity

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 11:13

Q: Why is Mexico an attractive investment for Cyanco?
BC: Mexico is an attractive market because mining is a growing industry, with a robust and healthy sodium cyanide infrastructure already in place. There is ample cyanide supply in Mexico, but our competitors cannot provide the same level of supply chain certainty as Cyanco. Unlike the rest of the industry, Cyanco has two facilities – in Texas and Nevada – where we produce sodium cyanide. As such, we are ideally set up to serve the country without chance of disruption.
LM: We also bring added value to the numerous, intelligent gold and silver producers who are looking for an uncompromising focus on safety and better environmental performance from their suppliers. Cyanco is a trusted partner who will bring those additional benefits, which also helps to improve the efficiency and profitability of any size of mining operation.  
Q: What can the new government do to boost Mexico’s mining industry?
BC: The investment needed to start a new mining project is significant. The amount of capital involved means that investors are looking for trusted partners in the geographies where they land their projects. Any uncertainty or challenge has to be addressed in a forthright manner and communication has to flow freely to safeguard investments. People want certainty, especially when they are investing money at this size and scale.  
LM: Mining brings significant benefits to all stakeholders. When managed well and sustainably, and in compliance with all laws and regulations, benefits will flow to the local community, the state, the federal government and to those parties investing in mine development. One way for miners to ensure compliance, and operational certainty, is to partner with an established tier-one cyanide supplier, that holds itself to the highest global standards of safety, innovation and sustainability in the manufacture, packaging and distribution of product.  
Q: How does Cyanco guarantee environmental responsibility?
LM: Cyanco works very hard to ensure our customers are using our products responsibly and with due care and diligence. Our Applied Technology Services group offers equipment and services to optimize customers’ sodium cyanide use, which helps improve process efficiency and lower operating costs. At Cyanco, we have also developed a number of proprietary technologies to help destroy and detoxify residual cyanide to help keep miners’ operations safe and compliant.  
Furthermore, we supply our customers with packaging that is safer and more efficient. Our container shipments in Mexico use ISO tank systems, so instead of handling for example 18 one-ton boxes of cyanide, customers receive one large container. Transferring product on-site is a hands-free process that eliminates the risk of worker exposure. Additionally, as an extra safety precaution, we have dyed all our cyanide red, so it is easily identifiable.
BC: One of the things that differentiates Cyanco from almost all its competitors is that our global competition views their part of the deal done as soon as they sell their sodium cyanide. But we take a full view of our products: from sale, delivery and use to detox and destruction. That includes helping customers reduce their sodium cyanide consumption.
As signatories to the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC), we also audit every single customer before sending them a gram of cyanide. In summary, four things that uniquely characterize Cyanco are: NAFTA manufacturing and security of supply; value-added services described above; our commitment to sustainability and ICMC standards; and our local presence in Mexico. Cyanco takes seriously our license to operate in all communities.