Luis Tejadilla
Regional Sales Director for LATAM North

Cybersecurity and Mining Go Hand-In-Hand

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 14:17

Miners realize there is no choice when it comes to embracing the digital revolution; either thrive or sacrifice operational efficiency. But when opening the door to digitalization and automation it is key to increase digital and industrial security, says Luis Tejadilla, Belden’s Regional Sales Director for LATAM North. Belden works to keep companies cyber-protected and interconnected. “We are ready to support Industry 4.0,” he says. “Our solutions help companies connect the whole industrial world into their network.”
Industrial cyber security is about minimizing production risk. But this poses a challenge with ever more machines integrated and a constant flow of internal and external data. “Belden provides software that allows control of the communication between devices such as a programmable logic controllers (PLC) and the industrial server through Deep Packet Inspection (DPI),” explains Tejadilla. DPI’s advantage lies in analyzing every packet of information shared, allowing it to tackle any unusual behavior to protect the whole industrial network. “Unlike other cybersecurity solutions, we do not work with certificates. Our Tofino Xenon security is based on DPI, which provides better protection to industry protocols,” he says.
With a growing flow of information, it is also key to manage data traffic to ensure operational efficiency. Belden’s TripWire software allows analysis of network devices to balance traffic and prevent saturation with channels receiving too much information, as well as complete security for IT networks. “The TripWire system allows greater efficiency as all devices can communicate better and faster,” he says.
Ultimately, network efficiency translates into a smarter decision-making process. “The opportunity to use real-time information allows better production decisions,” he says. “With devices talking to you all the time while creating a network analysis, miners receive intelligence on how to be better prepared for different processes,” he adds.
But while it is up to miners to embrace the digital revolution for remaining efficient and competitive, it is up to industrial providers to innovate and facilitate this transition. Understanding its role in this equation, Belden is moving from selling products to selling solutions. “By selling a solution, we are selling efficiency, savings, security and peace of mind instead of only a product. That is why we are changing the way in which we sell,” explains Tejadilla.
The company started as a cable producer for networking, broadcasting and industrial markets. Nowadays, Belden’s cables are recognized as the highest quality in the world with multiple applications, from power, control and instrumentation, to optical fiber at an industrial level and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) cables. In the mining industry, Belden Cables have the added value of a 10-year warranty as the company attempts to care for the investment of its customers.
But the path for innovation also means companies need to compete against their core business to better serve market demand. In Belden’s case, a cable producer, it was about going wireless. “Several types of cable are turning into commodities and we cannot remain competitive if most of our product lines are commodity-based,” says Tejadilla.
To meet the networking industry’s need to be wireless, Belden provides industrial networking switches that vary from Wi-Fi to GSM or LTE frequency, allowing connection of devices without cabling. This saves mining companies the expense of buying and replacing cables, a significant cut in costs for big mines. The company mainly works with Hirschmann switches, which are backed up by a lifetime guarantee. “These can be used in harsh environments, high and low temperatures, underwater, in high-pressure and any other conditions that would normally affect the functionality of this type of device.”