CyPlus Idesa Highlights Safety Commitment During Weeklong Event
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CyPlus Idesa Highlights Safety Commitment During Weeklong Event

Photo by:   CyPlus Idesa
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José Escobedo By José Escobedo | Senior Editorial Manager - Mon, 05/22/2023 - 09:00

In commemoration of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, CyPlus Idesa celebrated its Safety Week for a second consecutive year by organizing activities that reinforce its culture and prioritize prevention measures for cyanide manufacturing and its logistics chain.

During the week, employees set new objectives and work responsibilities by signing “My Goal is Zero,” a commitment which is part of the company’s Safety and Environment Policy. These new responsibilities aim to generate a new approach toward safety by promoting a continuous improvement in regard to the safe handling of cyanide and safety in the workplace.


Company representatives gave presentations and participated in activities where topics like the Importance of Safety in Processes, Safe Forklifts Operations, Silent Risks in the Manufacturing Process, among others, were discussed.

The week concluded with the announcement of the winner of a contest titled, My family and Security. “Here's to more days like these, we are all very excited! Having a safe day is certainly a wonderful day,” said Alejandra Palomec, CyPlus Idesa´s Coordinator of the ESHQ Management System.

Safety commitments should not only lie with the organization, it is essential to ensure the entire product value chain has the same commitments. For this reason, the company’s employees met in Zacatecas to participate in the first Orla Mining’s Minera Camino Rojo Safety Fair, which brought together mine workers, supply companies and health promoters.

Nicolás Cardenas Ramírez, Health and Safety Superintendent at Orla Mining; Fernando Velázquez Ortega, Safety, Health and Environment Manager at Orla Camino Rojo; Felipe de Jesús Sánchez Segura, Superintendent of Safety and Health at Aura Minerals; Paulina Salas García, Work Safety Specialist at IMSS Zacatecas; and Itzel Morales Bautista, Mining Union Representative number 335 presided over the welcoming ceremony. All participants were invited to cut the inaugural ribbon.

Velázquez said the main objective was to show Orla's commitment to the safety and health of employees.


Minera Frisco and its Tayahua unit also participated in their first Workplace Safety Fair, which greatly focused on family safety. Luis Eduardo Ramírez, Director of Safety; Hector Vázquez Marrufo, Deputy Director of Mines; and Alonso Ramírez, General Manager of the Tayahua unit participated in this event.

Mining community family members took part in the event and learned about personal protective mine equipment used when entering a mine, as well as the flotation process and the use of reagents, such as cyanide. It is important to teach mine community members about the risks that exist when using cyanide and the security measures that are enforced to ensure safe handling of this compound, said Ramírez, while ratifying the mining unit’s commitment to guarantee the safety, health and integrity of its associates and the community.

These efforts reaffirm CyPlus Idesa’s long-standing commitment to the health and safety of its employees, the mining communities where it operates, as well as the environment. If you would like to know more about CyPlus Idesa’s work methodology that safeguards the integrity of all interested parties within its value chain, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Photo by:   CyPlus Idesa

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