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Development Projects Strong Despite Scarce Government Support

By Alejandro Ehrenberg | Thu, 04/30/2020 - 16:38

The Week in Mining highlights developments in Mexico’s mining industry. CAMIMEX asked the US Embassy to consider the importance of Mexico’s mines resuming in tandem with the US industry. Mexico’s development projects are on track despite scant government incentives. Gold and lead show promising signs for the near future, and disruptive trends in mining finance gather pace.  


CAMIMEX asked for the support of the US government for including the mining industry in the upcoming conversations with the Mexican government about reopening key sectors in tandem with the US.

Tax authorities have unwarrantably delayed VAT (IVA) refunds for the mining industry amounting to about US$1 billion. The postponement adds to other characteristcis of the Mexican fiscal system — overtaxation, lack of incentives — that weaken Mexico as a mining jurisdiction.

A number of mining companies’ developing assets in Mexico have temporarily ramped down operations due to the pandemic. However, Mexico’s pipeline remains on track despite suspensions. Here are some of the most significant development projects in Mexico.


Daily FX reports that “gold prices look set to recommence their upward ascent, as Fed Chair Powell said the Fed likely needs to provide more support if the US economy is to bounce back in a robust manner.”

A ramp down in recycling activities, coupled with mines halting production, translates into global lead inventories freezing up. Once demand picks up again, lead prices will be in a better position than those of other base metals whose inventories have ballooned during the sanitary crisis.


The mining industry’s financial landscape is undergoing quick changes. Capital is more likely then ever to be allocated to projects with a strong ESG profile. Also, innovative solutions like online investment platforms are filling up gaps in the finance market.


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