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Ecodrill Opens a Branch in Hermosillo

By Antonio Trujillo | Fri, 10/15/2021 - 12:25

Ecodrill has opened a branch in Hermosillo, Sonora aiming to establish a presence in the state and setting up their unique environment-friendly drilling process for the mining activity in the region.

The company, a leader in the green transformation of the mining industry, took an interest in Sonora given its reputation as the heart of the mining industry in the country. In presence of the state’s Minister of Economy, Armando Villa Orduño, and the President of the Sonora Mining Cluster, Alberto Orozoco, Ecodrill’s General Manager Juan Pablo García de Quevedo were present during the cutting the ribbon opening ceremony of their new branch. The company seeks to implement their “innovative” process, which involves the use of renewable energy and solar panels in their equipment, saving up to 80 percent of water consumption compared to traditional drilling methods.

During a Session belonging to the Cluster Board of Directors, on this occasion hosted by Ecodrill, Juan Pablo García said “the installation of this company in Hermosillo projects an important economic spill that is estimated at US$2 million in the next three years, through the generation of specialized jobs and the consumption of local suppliers.”

Armando Villa Orduño was also welcomed by directors, affiliated companies, and suppliers as the Cluster’s new Secretary. “The Ministry of Economy is proud to be an active member of the Cluster, and we are aware that this is the optimal platform for linking with the main players in the mining sector, a sector that in this government we will accompany at all times, as Governor Alfonso Durazo has said," said Orduño in his first message before the Board.

Alberto Orozco highlighted the importance of counting on governmental authorities and walking alongside them in order to share the various actions carried out by the mining sector, particularly when it comes to operating in a responsible way toward the development of mining communities, the safety of its employees and the well- being of the environment, naming Ecodrill as a clear example of such commitments.

In an exclusive interview with MBN, Juan Pablo García de Quevedo revealed that the company is committed to not only changing the way companies drill, but also to “develop the industry and get rid of stigmas.” He hopes that Ecodrill, though only one company among many operating in the market, will boost its consciousness and prove its potential for success, reminding that although many can drill, that does not mean everyone drills well.

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Antonio Trujillo Antonio Trujillo Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst