Omar Pedroza
Country Manager
PBE Group
View from the Top

Efficient Communication for a Productive Mine

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 12:45

Q: What is the importance of an integrated communication, security and alert system in a mine and what role does PBE Group play in facilitating this?
A: PBE uses its experience in mines to create and improve its solutions to increase security and communication, which ultimately leads to improved efficiency. In so doing, our first priority is the workforce’s security so we try to automate processes and increase the control of activities. We offer a wide array of solutions and have experienced a 90 percent increase in productivity in some cases. The company specializes in tracking and telemetry services and devices that can alert teams when there is a problem. The most efficient way to communicate within a mine is through radio. The tracking devices help keep track of all personnel at all times. We also offer devices that detect dangerous gases and emit an alert if there is a leak. This system includes telemetry that can detect carbon monoxide and sensors that alert the control room when there is 90 parts per million. This alert may sound through either the radio or even lights within a mine. The control system must always have an operator present to respond to the alerts that may arise. These solutions are all integrated through our software, making it easy to access and understand. The entire mine is mapped out to specify where most of the people will be throughout the operations.