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Elara Comunicaciones: Leaders in Connectivity for Mining

Miguel Flores - Elara Comunicaciones
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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 11:37

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Q: What opportunities has Elara found in the market for its connectivity and communication solutions?

A: Our company was founded in 2004 and from the beginning, we wanted to become leaders in the connectivity market in Mexico, especially in satellite solutions. In this market, national companies are looking to consolidate their operations with a satellite network that allows them to access all their branches and the corporate market. Because of digitalization, greater communication is necessary.

At Elara, we provide high-quality services, ensuring fast implementation of our satellite solutions and a high level of continuity. Our range of satellite solutions allows us to offer main links to critical services, where the satellite becomes a backup to the terrestrial infrastructure in case there is a failure. Today, we work with the main carriers in Mexico in a complementary capacity, especially on projects where terrestrial links are combined with satellites or where facilities are located in remote locations.

Q: What cloud solutions does the company provide?

A: Cloud solutions have become a before and after service in the market because these solutions have accelerated the digitalization process for many companies. Previously, infrastructure investments were made to build a data center, in addition to implementing connectivity software and services, which generally took months. Today, there is a new model in which it is more practical to hire a third party with cloud infrastructure. This solution is immediate because it takes about a day to have access to everything. At Elara, we understand that the digital transformation of industries requires high-quality connectivity that decreases the potential for interruptions. We offer this cloud service, allowing a reliable and quick connection of different locations.

Q: What are the main communication and connectivity challenges in the Mexican mining sector?

A: The mining industry has increased and changed the use and amount of satellite connection resources required to provide connectivity to the people who monitor and supervise mines. As mining has become automated and digitalized, communication resources have increased as well. Today, bandwidths are three to five times larger than eight years ago. The satellite industry offers wide bandwidths that provide speeds ranging from 10 to 30 Mb. Previously, these speeds were expensive and difficult to implement but they are now more accessible.

Thanks to satellite connections, we also can reach any location where the client needs a communication service. For mines with difficult access and limited infrastructure, the satellite becomes a very valuable means of communication because through a 74-centimeter antenna, it can activate communication in three to four hours.

Q: How did Elara’s teleport end up in the WTA Top 20 Worldwide Ranking of teleports?

A: We have a public network that was granted by the government, which has allowed us to take advantage of satellite technology to provide services to many industries. Between 2004-2016, Elara positioned itself strongly in the market, joining the Top 20 of the most important independent teleports worldwide. We are a very important player in satellite communication in the country and we believe that this was achieved because our focus is to provide high-quality service.

Our teleport is the only one in Mexico with a TIER-3 certification. It was the first teleport in Latin America to obtain that. Our teleport infrastructure is designed to maintain a triple-9 availability, which has been achieved thanks to our engineering team and several investments that have ensured that our teleport is the most reliable in the country.

Q: What should industries expect from Elara in 2021?

A: Elara drives innovation and we are working on initiatives that will be launched in 2Q21, which aim to add more value to satellite links. We will incorporate services with a high degree of specialization for very specific niche, such as agriculture, and we will offer Smart ATM, a solution for the financial sector that increases the availability of ATMs and avoids interruptions.

In regard to mining, this year, we will be attentive to how the sector reactivates, especially projects that were delayed due to regulatory issues and the pandemic. We are confident that they will return in 2021 and we want to be their main technological partner in satellite connectivity. We want the industry to know that Elara has the experience, capacity, presence and quality of service to cover its connectivity needs, which have grown considerably in recent years.

Elara Comunicaciones is a Mexican expert in satellite communication technology and services, focused on providing adapted solutions. The company's teleport is located in Mexico City, from where it offers connectivity services and satellite internet throughout Mexico.


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