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Electric Chargers Help Increase Mining’s Operational Efficiency

Omar Guardiola - Maquired
General Manager


Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 05/17/2022 - 16:32

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Q: How is Maquired implementing innovation for the mining sector in Mexico?

A: The company is introducing technological innovation to its equipment. Right now, the mining industry has a direct necessity to innovate, specifically when it comes to production. We are working to make equipment less expensive while maintaining the same productivity as our competition, focusing on providing energy-efficient electric excavators and loaders, among other products that address electrification. This efficiency trend is an issue miners will have to follow given the necessity to mitigate climate change.

Q: What challenges has the company faced in the Mexican mining market and how has it tackled them?

A: In the Mexican mining market, a key hurdle is the origin of the brands. Our brand is Chinese, which initially creates a negative perception. To face our main challenge, we provide demonstrations and tests that allow our clients to see that this equipment has the same characteristics and capacity as those offered by other brands but at a lower cost. The key to enter any market is to generate reliability and inspire confidence. Maquired’s team has been working to achieve this. 

Furthermore, Maquired can adapt to the necessities of every client. As a relatively new company, we are not set in our ways and are still flexible. For example, if our client wants to rent a machine under special conditions or with additional repairs, we can make this happen. The company’s main added value, however, is its competitive pricing. Maquired achieves this through efficiency and a staff that is committed to its respective tasks. This allows us to work more with fewer people, avoiding repairs and increasing operational efficiency.

Q: What aftersales services does the company provide to its clients?

A: After the machine leaves our facilities, we provide preventive and corrective maintenance services. Maquired offers assessments and training, too. We have access to a simulator to train the operators. Moreover, we have spare pieces on hand to the benefit of our clients.

Q: How does the company assure the performance of its machines?

A: To ensure the quality and productivity of our equipment, we take a great deal of care in its configuration. Functionality and productivity are of the essence. First, we analyze the operation and check the conditions the equipment will be used in. We then adjust the equipment so that it covers these conditions. 

Q: What type of equipment is most in demand in the local mining market?

A: Right now, excavators are often required, since it is a versatile and functional type of equipment under any circumstance. It is a product that will keep developing, mainly as front loaders. Companies are now making the move toward electric vehicles (EVs), which includes equipment.

Q: How attractive is the sale of new equipment in comparison to rental options?

A: Because of our low prices, companies can see a rapid return on investment (ROI). For example, with an excavator, the ROI is from two to three years. It is, therefore, often more convenient to own the gear entirely because projects last around six years at least. The support that Maquired offers for its sold equipment is just as good as that for rentals.

Q: What are the company’s main goals and objectives for 2022?

A: The goal is to open more branch offices. Currently, we have an office in Baja California Sur, though we aim to open new offices in Sonora and Durango and perhaps in the south of Mexico.  Throughout the years, the company has experienced significant growth, which allowed it to expand to different locations. We owe this success mainly to the trust we have built with our clients. Although Maquired is a young company, it has a reliable reputation. Our objective is not to be seen as a supplier but as a tool to achieve the objectives of the client’s project. Furthermore, Maquired has worked to add more efficient machines to its portfolio. Maquired has tested electric chargers, for example, which it aims to introduce to its rental fleet.


Maquired is dedicated to sales and rentals of machinery for the mining and construction industries.

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