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The Element Of Experience

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Thu, 10/17/2019 - 11:33

As the middle class grows worldwide, so does the demand for gold and silver. Meeting this growing demand requires operational excellence from start to finish and a firm commitment to safety from production to delivery at the mine. Processing ore for obtaining precious metals involves an complex leaching process in which nature and chemical components combine. Leaching requires substantial quantities of sodium cyanide but supplying this chemical to miners is as intricate as using it to process ore. Solid experience and a commitment to the highest standards are paramount.
With more than 60 years specializing in the mining industry, Chemours has amassed a deep knowledge of what miners need. The company has continuously invested in research, technology, safety and training solutions, resulting in innovations in packaging, transportation, delivery and safe handling of sodium cyanide. For Chemours, reduced costs and improved production go hand in hand with systematic safety. The technology at its plants is cutting-edge, guaranteeing reliable supply, and its steadfast logistics systems ensure a hazard-free delivery. The company is experienced in working closely with its customers to assist them in the implementation of unloading, mixing and storage facilities. Also, it can carry out water tests and first load analysis, while additionally providing regular monitoring and facilities inspections. Furthermore, it trains its customers in emergency response in the management of sodium cyanide. Part of this training involves assistance in planning and conducting periodic safety drills and offering community support through training on antidotes against sodium cyanide in local hospitals and clinics.
The company has more than 30 years working in Mexico, reinforcing its ongoing commitment to safety by having as a priority the protection of its employees, the communities where it operates and the environment. It is committed to advancing the packaging of safer products and to providing the best transportation, to exceed the expectations of its customers and to boost the strength of the Mexican industry.
With more than 60 years of experience, Chemours is an innovative company that generates value for its customers and the industry at large. A reliable partner known for continuous supply at a competitive cost and for the highest safety standards, Chemours was founding partner of the International Cyanide Management Code, a framework that provides best-practice standards that should be integrated into the value chain. Together with the Deputy Ministry of Mines, it supported the development of the safety and environmental framework that will rule sodium cyanide operations in Mexico.


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