Fewer Fatalities, More Legislations
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Fewer Fatalities, More Legislations

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Alfonso Núñez By Alfonso Núñez | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/16/2021 - 16:50

Fortuna Silver Mines enters the 500 Mexican companies leading the fight against corruption while Orla Mining announced its first gold pouring at the Camino Rojo mine. The mining industry at large lowered its fatalities by 18.5 percent in just one year, as an industry expert warns about the future dangers that lacking legislation on mining consultation with local communities could bring to the industry. Meanwhile, IPEC’s co-director speaks with MBN about hoists and the company’s operations.


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Minera Cuzcatlán Recognized for Fighting Against Corruption

Fortuna Silver Mines, represented by Minera Cuzcatlán in Mexico, was included in the Corporate Integrity Index (IC500) as one of the 500 most important companies in the fight against national corruption. Despite this recognition, the company is at risk of having its operations shut down after SEMARNAT rejected a request to extend its San Jose project, putting a total of 9,200 jobs at risk.


IPEC: Understanding and Optimizing Hoists

Luis Quintana, Co-Director, IPEC Ingeniería, spoke with MBN about the importance of geophysical studies for the mining industry, how IPEC finds the true potential of mining operations by discussing the company’s 2020 market dynamics, a project with Grupo México, as well as hoists legislation and educating customers about the importance of updating them with better and safer technologies.


The Mexican Mining Industry Is Becoming a Zero-Fatalities Sector

Between 2019 and 2020, mining companies affiliated to CAMIMEX reduced their accident rates 18.5 percent by gaining greater training, fostering a culture of prevention and increasing investment to move closer to the industry’s goal of reaching a net zero fatality rate. This comes after a recent study found that most of the main causes behind mining injuries can be prevented through the reinforcement of controls, training and personal responsibility.


Legislation for Mining Authorization Needed

The law requiring consultation with local indigenous communities for mining projects to be granted permits needs some sort of federal regulation to meet its original intent instead of simply allowing mining projects to be stopped, argues Alberto Vázquez, Partner, VHG Servicios Legales. In an interview with MBN, Vázquez highlights the impact the consultation requirement has had on the mining sector as well as other challenges the industry is facing.


Orla Reaches First Gold at Camino Rojo Mine, Mexico

Ahead of Camino Rojo Oxide Gold beginning commercial production at the end of 1Q22, Orla Mining reached first gold at the Zacatecas project by pouring three bars with a total weight of 1,278 oz on Dec. 13th. The project has been permitted, financed and constructed in two years.

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