Luis Vega
Director General
Motion SI Mexico
View from the Top

On-field, Tailored Logistics

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 13:47

Q: What value does Motion SI Mexico add to the local mining industry?
A: Our team members have prior work experience in the mining industry, at El Sauzal, Pinos Altos and Peñasquito. Thanks to this experience, we obtained an insider perspective and are now able to think from the client’s point of view. People normally associate logistics with outsourcing. But we are not an arm-chair logistics company. We are on the field, working closely with clients and involved in every link of the logistics chain. We invested in field personnel to supervise all goods being loaded and shipped, making sure our partners meet all regulations. We also make certain that the drivers transporting the goods entrusted to us can pass all drug tests. This is of capital importance because mines are often located in far-flung places. Security is a recurrent issue, too. Motion SI Mexico takes these and other factors into account before offering its services to clients. We research the reception and delivery points, the security conditions and all possible roads. Only after this analysis we offer our service.
Q: How do your competitive advantages allow you to deliver a superior service in specific mining operations?
A: Our strategy gives us such a thorough knowledge of mining companies we already work with that we can recognize their needs before they arise. We try to be one step ahead. At Peñasquito, for example, we have an on-site team to receive and escort our shipments to their final destination inside the mine, making sure they comply with the site’s paperwork and safety requirements. Another example is the in-house personnel we have at Epiroc, in Zacatecas, where we coordinate all the machinery transportation that they ship to their clients at mines all over Mexico.