Finland Looks to Boost Greener Mining Practices in Durango
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Finland Looks to Boost Greener Mining Practices in Durango

Photo by:   Artyom Korshunov
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 01/23/2023 - 15:13

The Governor of Durango, Esteban Villegas, met with representatives of Finland’s government to discuss opportunities to develop a greener mining industry in the state. Both parties agreed that the experiences of Finland and the similarities between both parties will boost good practices in the sector. 

Governor Villegas met with Finland's Ambassador to Mexico, Päivi Pohjanheimo and Heidi Virta, Director for Latin America, Business Finland, to discuss opportunities for environmentally focused practices. This was the first time Pohjanheimo met with Villegas. The ambassador congratulated his government for promoting contacts between the local industry and Finnish companies, which have resulted in the development of projects with a positive social impact. 

According to Virta, Durango and Finland have many factors in common as both have forests that are considered to be a public asset and therefore must be protected. For this reason, Virta considers that mining projects in the state are positive if they aim to preserve the environment and ensure good conditions for workers like fair wages and labor benefits. Virta highlighted the industry’s technological foundation and showed the solutions Finnish companies can contribute in terms of process automation. She also highlighted the importance of technology in the reduction of environmental impact. 

Villegas also met with representatives of the mining industry like Jaime Gutiérrez, Director, the Mexican Mining Chamber (CAMIMEX), Ricardo Moreno, President, the Association of Mining, Metallurgical and Geological Engineers (AIMMGM) and José Aguilar, President, AIMMGM Durango, among other national and international players.

The parties discussed water and waste management in the industry, connectivity as a facilitator for technological advancement, process improvement through cutting-edge technologies, energy efficiency, the implementation of clean energy and efficiency through automation. According to the Local minister for Economic Development, Alfredo Herrrera, these meetings will benefit the state’s industry and nearby communities as the result of a more efficient industry. 

Durango is a key state for the mining industry in Mexico as the fourth largest mining state. Durango is the second-largest producer of zinc, the third-largest silver producer, the fifth of gold and the seventh of copper. Additionally, according to the Mexican Geological Survey (SGM), Durango is among the 18 Mexican states with lithium deposits. 

Photo by:   Artyom Korshunov

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