Flexibility and Versatility in Modular Building

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 10:12

Just as the techniques that are employed in the oil and gas industry have developed and modernized over time, so have the ways that mines operate and the infrastructure that supports them. As such, a number of different structures are built to support mining operations throughout the various stages of a mine’s life, from living quarters and offices to laboratories and plants. Installing these temporary structures, as opposed to more permanent buildings, brings financial and logistical benefits for management teams.

To respond to the growing needs of the mining industry, William Scotsman has recently launched a new modular building solution that could transform the way mine operators develop their facilities and camps. Moduflex™ is a modular panel unit designed to offer the flexibility and versatility any mine operator could require. Its design allows multiple configurations so that customers can optimize their temporal modular spaces. The adaptability of Moduflex™ allows it to easily adapt to any type of terrain, even rugged terrain or those difficult to access. Thanks to its modular design, Moduflex™ users can extend or reduce the floor space depending on the needs of their projects. Both the interior panels (walls) and outdoor (facades) can be easily replaced in case users want to make changes in the standard configuration. The unit can also be optionally supplemented with different types of equipment such as custom brick facades, windows, terraces, caps perimeter, raised floors and accessories like air conditioning, climate control, voice and data, and sanitary items among others. As these modular spaces come equipped with different types of insulation, people can also remain comfortable in any weather condition.

One of the most attractive features of Moduflex™ is its capacity to help reduce their overall infrastructure costs and to minimize environmental impacts. Mining operations use high levels of energy, and the industry is increasingly concerned about how to reduce its energy consumption and improve its environmental impact. Moduflex™'s temporary infrastructure can also complement mine companies in their broader environmental strategies. The biggest benefit is that Moduflex™ is designed specifically so that it can be dissembled and removed from the field easily when they are no longer needed. This brings a practical advantage to an industry where mining companies are required to leave the mines they operate on in the same state as, if not better than, when they arrived there.