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Focus on What Suits the Client, Not the Company

Noel Becerril - MEIM
Director General


Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 04/06/2022 - 16:44

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Q: The company was the first to install a Flexowell belt in a vertical shaft in Latin America in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. How has the market responded?

A: We installed the vertical belt together with the American company that designed it. There are good reasons for installing these belts in vertical shafts but the demand has not been very high because of the fear of innovation within some organizations. The engineer in charge of the Fresnillo project was an innovator and took the first step.

What distinguishes the belt in Fresnillo is its length of 400 meters, as it is the first Flexowell belt installation in the word with this length.  Due to the big investment required and because the production of the mine depends totally or partially on this, some clients are conservative in implementing this system.  The vertical belt in Fresnillo is working and there are other manufacturers that want to enter this market in the country.

Q: How is the company convincing clients of the benefits of innovation?

A: We demonstrate the benefits with an analysis of the system as a whole, sometimes, a particular solution will not be the best alternative. First, we need to understand what the client is looking for. We have to look at it holistically and not only as a potential sale.

MEIM looks at the complete functioning system of the mine, its needs, plans and objectives to determine if the Flexowell belt or a hoist, which is the traditional system, is better for the client. The company wants to provide its clients with top-notch technical support and offer them the best alternatives to suit their needs.

Q: MEIM works with some of the biggest names in the industry. What is your approach to maintaining clients’ trust?

A: We have gained our clients’ trust by doing things right and advising them according to what is most convenient for them and not according to what suits us best as a company. We have diversified services in process plants and underground mines, which allow us to offer both schemes while maintaining a holistic vision of the environment. Our clients know we are not focused only on making a sale but providing a long-term service.

Q: How do you promote a culture of active and preventive maintenance among your clients?

A: MEIM works directly with the planning area of the mine to analyze its main needs. Even if the mine has very good equipment, there can be faults, which we need to address and correct. In terms of prevention, we work with the mine’s planning personnel, supporting them and finding ways to work together to deliver the best cost and service.

Q: How do you train your personnel to comply with safety issues and at the same time deliver the best solutions to your clients?

A: The company has had a safety division for some years now and the mining industry overall has become very focused on the issue of security. MEIM implements the highest safety standards and has very safe work procedures. When we need to complete a maneuver at a mine, our safety personnel develop and implement a safety system, explaining to the client how we are considering the risks and minimizing them. Mining is a risky industry. We need to minimize the risks through analysis and training.

Q: What are the main objectives for MEIM in 2022? 

A: Our objective is to continue growing in terms of innovation without losing the quality of our service. We offer a variety of services and we will continue training our staff. The plan is to continue strengthening our base to face new challenges. MEIM wants to continue building strategic alliances with the best equipment manufacturers and be at the service of its clients.


MEIM offers industrial mining maintenance. It has years of experience working in the industry with a strong focus on quality and safety.

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