Governor of Durango Acknowledged as Mining Ally by AIMMGM
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Governor of Durango Acknowledged as Mining Ally by AIMMGM

Photo by:   Jorge Salum
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 08/30/2022 - 14:05

The mining sector considers Durango as one of the most important mining states in Mexico. This appreciation appears to be mutual, since Governor of Durango José Aispuro has been acknowledged as the first governor in the country to address the industry’s needs.

During a meeting of the Association of Geologists and Mining Engineers of Mexico (AIMMGM), Aispuro said that it is unfair that the mining sector is one of the industries with the heaviest tax burden, even though it creates jobs that allow people to stay in their communities. He stated that it would be convenient if other industries paid similarly high taxes. According to industry insiders, the mining sector contributed over US$12 billion in taxes and other fees during the past seven years

Aispuro thanked the mining sector for fostering the development of Durango and announced that there are currently four mining projects under development, while the state has over 23 mines operating in 18 of its 39 municipalities. He added that his government has nurtured the creation of more mining clusters than in any other state. 

Luis Vázquez, President, AIMMGM considered Aispuro to be an “ally” of the mining sector since he is the first governor in Mexico to meet the demands of the industry and to promote it nationally. For this reason, he gave Aispuro AIMMGM’s recognition. Vázquez also acknowledged Mexico’s Minister of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, since she has also regularly voiced her support for the sector.

Vázquez furthermore commented on the accident in a coal mine in Sabinas, Coahuila, where 10 miners remain trapped. According to him, these disasters overshadow the efforts of law-abiding mining companies to improve, as he urged the government to coordinate its efforts to make illicit mines comply with the standards set by regulated companies. 

Mining is one of the most important productive activities in Durango. It has created over 13,600 direct jobs and 68,000 indirect jobs through annual spending of over US$1.09 billion. Durango is the fourth-most important mining state in Mexico and is the second-largest zinc producer, as well as the third in silver, fifth in gold and seventh in copper. Among the state’s most prolific mineral deposits are Cienega de nuestra Señora, Tayoltita, Velardeña, Guanacevi, Avino, La Platosa, Topia, Cerro de Mercado, La Ojuela, Bacis, San Sebastian, El Castillo and San Agustin, among others. Durango is also among the states that may have lithium deposits, as identified by the Mexican Geological Survey (SGM).

Photo by:   Jorge Salum

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