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Great Panther’s Mexican Mines Back on Track

By MBN Staff | Thu, 07/09/2020 - 16:38

Great Panther Mining announced 2Q20 production results from its three mines: Tucano in Brazil and Topia and the Guanajuato Mine Complex (GMC) in Mexico. Consolidated quarterly production totaled 38,540 gold equivalent ounces (Au eq oz) and included record monthly production in June at Tucano since its acquisition in early 2019.

“In Brazil, Tucano outperformed this quarter despite the challenges of COVID-19. In Mexico, Topia and GMC have returned to stable production following the lifting of government-mandated restrictions on mining, while prioritizing the safety and health of our people and communities,” Great Panther President and CEO Rob Henderson commented.

The company reported that it has developed and implemented significant COVID-19 prevention, monitoring and response plans following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the regulatory agencies of each country in which it operates to ensure a safe working environment. Protocols include mandatory medical screening and testing on arrival at site, mandatory medical leave, training sessions on health awareness and new health and safety protocols, physical distancing, increased sanitation measures and updated operating procedures. Specific areas have been prepared for the isolation, testing and care of employees showing COVID-19 symptoms. All COVID-19 confirmed cases are in isolation and being monitored by health professionals with regular reports to health authorities.

Great Panther points out that its silver production was impacted by government-imposed restrictions on non-essential business operations in Mexico in response to COVID-19, which limited mining activities in the country for most of April and May. The company’s mining operations in Mexico restarted in June following the lifting of restrictions. The company noted that its Mexican operations produced 3,122 Au eq oz in 2Q20. Topia produced 146,208 Ag eq oz in 2Q20, a decrease of 65 percent compared to the same period in 2019 due to the COVID-19-related shut down in the months of April and May. GMC produced 134,703 Ag eq oz in 2Q20, also a decrease of 65 percent compared to the same period in 2019.

During the suspension of activities, Great Panther continued monitoring the conditions on its Phase II tailings storage facility at Topia. Additional geotechnical instrumentation was installed and tests were carried out to determine the state of the tailings in Phase I, the company reported. Extensive work has been carried out to identify and reduce the flow of water into the base of the tailings storage facility. Great Panther declared that it is safe to return to stacking in Phase II, subject to receipt of a final report from consultants who will also provide a revised stacking plan. In the meantime, said the company, there is sufficient capacity at the temporary tailings storage location to continue operations. It is worth pointing out that in March 2020, Great Panther stopped depositing tailings on the Topia Phase II tailings storage facility, following a recommendation from the company's independent tailings management and geotechnical consultants.

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