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GRUMINEX Becomes a Key Engineering Ally for Mining Companies

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 07/19/2022 - 08:25

Q: What makes Gruminex the best provider of engineering solutions?

JC: It is the speed and personalized attention we offer our clients. In addition to providing functional services that integrate our team’s experience both in the development of projects and in their execution.


Q: What do you see as the key areas of the project that need to be controlled internally and


JC: It is key that the scope of the project be defined and outlined in order to redirect efforts and optimize time, cost and resources.


Q: How do you ensure that the main needs and wishes of the clients are reflected at all times during the development of the project?

JC: The meetings with clients must be effective when reviewing and evaluating the progress. This allows us to establish and reaffirm the objectives of the project and to redirect its course if necessary.


Q: How does Gruminex´s offering differ from other solutions in the market?

JC: Unlike the competition, at Gruminex we always want to be the best alternative. Our clients can attest to that, since they are very satisfied with our service.


Q: What advantages does Gruminex grant its clients in regard to distributors and contractors?

LL: We operate within a network of suppliers and contractors that is always growing, giving new companies the opportunity to integrate and compete with other experienced companies in the mining industry. We perform evaluations that are carried out carefully with the pertinent criteria according to the discipline. Our priorities are the projects we want to execute in addition to ensuring that companies carry out the work successfully.


Q: How often are plans updated with contractors and vendors?

LL: We maintain a constant review so that the information is up to date and, most importantly, adheres to the requirements of the project. Our priority is to address any changes as soon as possible so that the impact to any area is minimal.


Q: What are some improvements that are being made to speed up the delivery of solutions?

LL: Communication is the key factor for a prompt response. We work on our implementation of efficient communication channels, since these will provide us with a timely solution as well as having clear priorities and results.


Q: What is the company's programming process for mining projects in Mexico and how is resource allocation optimized in this area?

GD: The scheduling process for mining projects depends on the type of work the company will focus on. In the case of projects where only engineering preparation is required, a review of the project is concluded based on flow sheets and defined processes.

Once the times have been established, the execution program is drawn up, including all areas and disciplines that make up the project.

In the event that the project delivery date does not meet the client's requirements, we then reconsider the human resources involved in order to meet the deadline.


Q: How do you ensure that activities are developed in an efficient and timely manner?

GD: We optimize the resources assigned to the project and work in coordination with the client, ensuring that their needs are covered. We keep track of the scheduled progress by supervising the work of each disciplinary team and reviewing the progress as projected. If needed, we assign more personnel to the areas where they are required.


Q: What makes Gruminex a thriving solution in the market despite being a young company?

GD: The experience, capacity, will and dedication of each of the team members guarantees that we meet and even exceed customer expectations. We are a young company that has the resilience and vision to grow steadily both in the mining and industrial fields.


Q: What are Gruminex’s next steps in the mining industry?

JC: Since its formation, the growth of our business has been exponential, expanding the scope of our services from EP (design and procurement) contract modalities to EPCM (design, procurement and construction management). We hope to offer the EPC (Design, Procurement and Construction) contract modality, better known as turnkey, which would be a great step for our firm.


GD: At Gruminex, we are in the process of consolidating ourselves as a successful engineering and project management company, capable of carrying out the work required by the client with professionalism, quality and responsibility in the areas of engineering, supervision and construction process management (contracts, cost control and estimates, purchasing, logistics, supervision, etc.)


LL: Today, Gruminex's main strength is engineering design followed by supervision and administration of projects. In the near future, we will be able to offer various services, expanding our scope within the mining industry.


Mining Group Mexicano (GRUMINEX) is a strategic services company dedicated to the provision of comprehensive engineering and construction management services (ECM) to the mining industry. It is focused on generating efficient and effective solutions to meet multidisciplinary needs.

Paloma Duran Paloma Duran Journalist and Industry Analyst