Gruminex Uses Top Software to Deliver Best Results
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Gruminex Uses Top Software to Deliver Best Results

Photo by:   Jean Carlo Bagnod
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By Jean Carlo Bagnod - Grupo Minero Mexicano (GRUMINEX)
Mechanical Engineer


Engineering for mining projects is a multilayered discipline, involving not only different types of engineers but also professionals in fields like automation and data science. For all of these disciplines to cooperate fruitfully, the right digital infrastructure is of the essence. Hermosillo-based Gruminex is an engineering and construction management company renowned for implementing state-of-the-art software at the design stage of its projects to guarantee seamless interaction between all teams involved. 

Today's engineering services have to adapt to innovative technologies. If the adaptation is successful, there are greater design possibilities, higher performance and increased efficiency and speed. Advanced software is key to accomplishing this. It enables project designers and engineers to perform disciplinary modeling, which means they can integrate different disciplines, concrete, structures, mechanical, electrical, civil, piping, HVAC, instrumentation and control. 

As a result, Gruminex can detect potential interference between each of the disciplines involved in the project. We make sure that every piece fits the whole as well as possible. The possibility of wasted efforts during construction is dramatically reduced. With our software-based 3D model, we can show the client how its project will look well before construction begins.  

Having everything within a single software, and being able to verify that we do not have interference between disciplines, provides clarity in the development of the project. As a result, we understand the volumetry, material, measurement, dimensions, and many other key variables. The 3D model encapsulates them all. 
Our clients reap many benefits from seeing their projects in 3D. They can visualize more clearly their objectives, as well as experience simulations of points that could present conflicts. Proposals for improvement can be generated proactively instead of reactively. 
Our 3D technology facilitates working together between disciplines. It maximizes the benefits of current software packages. Also, it allows all possible benefits from each individual discipline. Gruminex can modify and instantly share data with every discipline involved in the project, without affecting their files. We can also parameterize accurately, either to import elements made in more specialized software or export them to software as viewers or as reference.

Many software programs that we use are user-friendly and they allow us to export or import models from other programs, making the client’s presentations of projects more versatile and effective. As specialists in mechanical design, Gruminex understands the importance of having the most innovative software.

Photo by:   Jean Carlo Bagnod

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