Grupo México and Miners' Unions To Begin Dialogue
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Grupo México and Miners' Unions To Begin Dialogue

Photo by:   Grupo Mèxico
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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 01/20/2022 - 16:00

In February labor issues will be discussed between Grupo México and miners belonging to Section 65 of the Union. These negotiations take place after 15 years of strikes led by miners and the citizens of Cananea who demand the restoration of labor and health rights.

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2021: A Year Full of Challenges for the Mining Sector

As a new year begins, Mexico's mining industry must consider the multiple challenges it faced in 2021 if it wants to have a better year. Experts believe the sector will improve its performance this year as new projects are expected to start commercial production and more states lure investors. However, most challenges, especially the electrica reform, will remain.

Sale of Mining Projects

Major mining companies have announced the sale or joint ventures of some of their assets in Mexico, given that they are focusing on their flagship projects. These projects offer growth opportunities to the new companies involved, especially since the price of metals in the market is increasing mining profits. Some of these projects are Endeavor Silver's Pitarrilla Project, formerly owned by SSR Mining, and Avino Silver & Gold's La Preciosa Project, formerly owned by Coeur Mining.

Mexican Steel Industry vs. COVID-19 Aftershocks

Mexico’s ferrous scrap deficit has caused the country to rely predominantly on US exports to cover the 18 million tons of scrap demand expected for 2025 despite facing a post-COVID-19 steel demand and border logistics recovery.

New Vice President of Inclusion at CAMIMEX

Ana María González, President of the Association of Women Miners (WIM) in Mexico, has been appointed Vice President of Women's Inclusion at CAMIMEX. Jaime Gutiérrez, President of CAMIMEX, said this is a new area that has been created with the purpose of specifically promoting the inclusion of women in the mining sector, which currently represents 16 percent of the entire sector.

SEMARNAT Approves Zacatecas Silver’s Drilling Permits

Zacatecas Silver announced it has received authorization from SEMARNAT to drill more targets at its Panuco deposit in Zacatecas, seeking to further explore the concession and unlock its true mining value. In addition, the company reported it expects to receive an increasing number of drilling authorizations in the near future.

Pasta de Conchos Miners Recovery Continues Despite Harships: CFE

CFE Director Manel Bartlett met with family members of the victims of Pasta de Conchos, Coahuila and provided a progress update regarding the recovery efforts of the 63 bodies buried inside the mine which are set to begin during the first trimester of 2022. Bartlett emphasized the operation is delicate and complex, due to the terrain.

Photo by:   Grupo Mèxico

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