Larry de la Torre
Vice President of International Sales
C&C Tsurumi Pump Mexico
View from the Top

Helping Companies Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Water

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 16:35

Q: What problems are companies facing when it comes to water management in mines and how can you help?
A: Companies spend billions of dollars in water management and there are additional processes that are starting to be a requirement for operations. Incorporating water recycling processes is particularly important in underground mines as effective dewatering of tunnels can be the difference between life and death for workers. We are continuing to work with Industrias Peñoles and Fresnillo to map ways to make mine operations safer through water management.
Q: How are your pumps different from those of other companies?
A: Our main added value in the mining sector is the ability of our pumps to outlast others in the industry. Durability is an important matter in mines. Tsurumi entered the Mexican market 35 years ago and quickly became the preferred distributor in the country. Companies were not used to Japanese products and we had to gain the trust of the mining industry. Little by little, mines started to replace their traditional pumps with ours. The industry trusts our durability and that our equipment can withstand extreme circumstances. Other pumps in the market are surprisingly more expensive than ours and do not compare in quality. This is a big advantage for us. We cover 40 percent of the water pump market in Mexico and we want to expand even more. We work mostly with gold and silver companies and some copper producers.