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Helping Mining Clients to Improve the Entire Grinding Process

By Karin Dilge | Tue, 03/15/2022 - 09:01

Q: What makes PROESMMA the best choice for its clients?

A: When it comes to the grinding process, a key element is the quality of the steel ball itself. Manufacturing a steel grinding ball requires a rather complicated process. It needs to incorporate all the right materials and keep them at correct temperatures. The large machinery we use to cast the balls ensures optimal quality, so that clients can enjoy good results when using our product.

Q: How can the company’s other solutions help to optimize grinding circuits?

A:  Our goal is to help our customers optimize their entire circuit. When we talk about optimization, we consider their entire process, working with our clients and their technology. The company has a simulation software in cooperation with engineers and academics to allow customers to simulate the situations they may face instead of having to experiment in real life. When something goes awry in the mining world, costs skyrocket. This software allows clients to experiment on their computer, see if a process works and then apply it to the real-life circuit. In doing so, they can avoid costly mistakes.

Q: What is PROESMMA’s added value?

A: What sets PROESMMA apart is its people and how it takes care of its clients and their operations. It works to provide integral solutions, not only with its products but also by offering advice and training regarding everything that has to do with grinding circuits. Moreover, the company’s chemical composition for materials is unique, and another reason why our customers are happy. Our technical department focuses on taking care of our customers, both remote and on-site. We are present during a mine’s entire life cycle.

Q: How does the company offer its training?

A: PROESMMA offers constant training to its customers, depending on the circuit being used in either open pit or underground operations. We have many courses that we offer to the mines in person. We also do seminars and conferences in cities across the country. These seminars help customers to evaluate and consider other options for their grinding circuit, while also teaching them how to start experimenting. The company avoids sticking to the status quo; rather, we continually innovate to achieve better results.

Q: How do you ensure quality after-sales services, especially in remote areas?

A: We have a big team across the country, a group of experienced and well-trained people who constantly visit customers. This support is not only commercial but also to solve technical difficulties. In fact, our technical support team is much larger than our commercial team.

Q: How are steel market prices affecting PROESMMA and what is the outlook for prices this year?

A: Last year was unbalanced. By the end of 2020 and early 2021, steel prices had practically doubled. Users end up paying those prices. We needed to confront the problem so that our customers did not suffer from these increases. PROESMMA’s products are only one part of the supply chain. The customer consumes all kinds of products, so if mineral prices do not increase at the same level as supplies, it becomes difficult to produce competitively. We all needed to sacrifice but ultimately our customers are productive and posted good results.

Looking to the future, the price of steel in the market is uncertain, especially now that a war in Europe is affecting all commodity prices. PROESMMA knows changes are coming and works directly with its customers to provide guidance.

Q: What can the industry expect from PROESMMA in 2022?

A: Firstly, the company always innovates what it teaches, using its simulators and keeping in close contact with the academic sector. Regarding our plant, the company is automating many of its production lines. This will help to make the company more competitive because these lower costs translate to lower prices for our clients. Furthermore, PROESMMA is working with market and price analysts, looking for the best way to acquire raw materials so that prices do not negatively affect our customers. Right now, we are looking into some acquisitions that could make us more productive and increase our capacity. What is more, PROESMMA is opening offices in Europe, Central America and the US.

Furthermore, global supply chains have been complicated by the worldwide pandemic. Logistics are problematic. Steel is a commodity in constant motion. Our main objective is to be able to supply products in time to our customers, all year long, regardless of the situation. PROESMMA must be prepared to perhaps make financial sacrifices to alleviate the impact on our customers from these supply chain issues. We are working hard to reach this objective.

The company has grown throughout the years and we are eager to continue growing. It aims to increase the number of seminars and develop its technical department. Another goal is to increase the production capacity of PROESMMA’s Mexican plant.


PROESMMA is dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialization of steel grinding balls, focusing on quality control in the casting, molding, forging and heat treatment processes. The company does periodical commercial and technical visits on-site to drive the goals and objectives of its clients.

Photo by:   PROESMMA
Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst