Heriberto Salas
Latin America Sales Director
Alejandra Rondon
Commercial Director Mexico
View from the Top

Incorporating Engineering and Consultancy into Service Provision

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 10:07

Q: What is the main added value you offer the mining industry in terms of sealing technology?
HS: We offer sealing technology that is superior to what is available in the country. We believe the Mexican mining industry and the market in general are being greatly underserved in terms of sealing technology. We can provide the durability that mine operations require through innovative products such as diamond washers.
AR: But this is not always easy to prove to clients as there are many companies in Mexico that offer replica products that are much cheaper than ours. Our goal is to prove the value of investing in better quality products that can prolong the utility of equipment and reduce downtime. Cheaper sealing can also cause machines to break down faster. This is our main added value. We are also starting to improve our portfolio and offering more integrated services.
Q: What are the market’s needs and how are you addressing those requirements?
AR: The market demands fast response times with the best product in price and quality. EagleBurgmann always adapts to the market’s needs, trying to standardize our products for volume management and thus improve our effectiveness in the production system. Additionally, we are always at the client’s side to offer an appropriate solution at a reasonable cost.
Q: What steps is the company taking to become a one-stop shop for the mining industry?
HS: Every hour of downtime can cost companies millions of dollars and our goal is to help them avoid breakdowns as much as possible. Sometimes mining companies acquire products that are not the best fit for their operations when they are in a rush to start producing again after a malfunction. We want to help them make sure they are choosing the right equipment. For us, integrated solutions mean not only provision and manufacturing of sealing technology but also understanding the equipment, engineering and mechanical aspects of the operations. It is costly and time-consuming for companies to have to separately contact service providers to repair a pump, seal or plumbing.
AR: We also realized that there was a big need in the market for one-stop shops after being called for sealing services in projects that actually needed to replace their equipment. Our job is to educate and provide clients with the information they need. For this purpose, we have five service centers in the country that focus on the strategic areas of Tampico, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Queretaro. The company will continue to grow. Our main clients include companies like Agnico Eagle, Industrias Peñoles, Grupo México, Fresnillo and Minera Frisco, among others.
Q: How would you describe your experience doing business in Mexico?
AR: The mining industry is a quite closed community. Achieving the first sale was the hardest part for us as we are offering a new product and service in the country. But once you gain the trust of the sector it becomes much easier to expand. Another limitation in the country is that mines are often in remote areas with security issues. Other industries have plants and projects in much more visible areas. We highly prioritize the safety of our team. But we are willing to step up to the challenge because we see value in the Mexican mining industry and in the solutions we can provide.