Arel Cardenas
Regional Sales Manager

Increasing Mining Efficiency

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 10:50

Danfoss has been present in Mexico for a number of years now with a food and beverage manufacturing plant in Monterrey but the company now wants to focus on making the mining industry in this country more efficient, according to Arel Cárdenas, Regional Sales Manager of Danfoss Drives. “Four years ago we developed a clear strategy regarding our participation in the sector in Mexico, which revolves around maximizing the use of electricity and environmental care.” he shares. At the start of 2015 Danfoss acquired Vacon, a Finnish company specializing in AC drive manufacturing, making the former the second highest producer of drives globally, and Cardenas expects to be number one by 2018. “These machines can be used in all stages of the mining process, including underground and open pit mines, to control motor speed and improve energy efficiency for pump systems,” he explains. “They also help improve mine ventilation by extracting gases through the use of a comprehensive monitoring system.” Danfoss is currently focusing its efforts on improving its ventilation technology and the team at Vacon are currently working on the PBS-3000 drive, which will be a mediumtension drive designed to make mining operators more compact, reliable, and robust.

Our products often significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and therefore clients seeking green projects often decide to install our technology,” he declares. “In most cases ROI will be generated in less than one year.” The Cobre del Mayo operating company recently decided to install four 350hp water-operated drives in an attempt to save energy, and lengthen the expected lifespan of the machinery in place. Danfoss is always heavily involved in the engineering process from the outset, ensuring the client is fully aware of how to operate the equipment in order to reduce the safety risks. “In order to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the product. We have a “try before you buy” policy, whereby each customer has 30 days to install the equipment and make a decision as to whether it will suit the business or not without any obligation to pay,” Cárdenas states.