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Innovating Solutions for a World in Motion

Rodolfo Calderón - Carlisle Brake & Friction
International Sales Manager


Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 04/12/2021 - 13:29

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Q: What is Carlisle Brake & Friction’s experience in the mining market and how important is the sector for the company?

A: Mining is a very important sector for us, and we have a long history serving many renowned customers. Carlisle Brake & Friction is one of the four divisions of Carlisle Companies Inc., an engineering and innovation company that has more than 100 years of experience and pioneered the manufacturing of rubber and tires in 1917. In the 1950s, Carlisle Brake & Friction supplied brakes to the first generation of Caterpillar mining trucks and became the first supplier to adapt the expander tube brake. Originally designed for military aircraft, the expander tube brake became a popular solution for use on a large-wheel loaders from a leading construction equipment manufacturer. Today, we are fortunate to supply leading mining sector OEMs with the latest in brake system technology.

Q: What solutions does Carlisle provide in the mining sector and what is the advantage of working with the company?

A: Carlisle is a globally recognized leader that develops, designs, engineers and manufactures highly innovative brake and friction system solutions used in many market segments for motion control applications. Carlisle offers wet and dry friction material for brake, clutch and transmission applications. Our second business line, (mechatronics), provides hydraulic controls and actuators that control the brake system and mechanical and electrical braking systems.

For the mining sector, Carlisle provides all the products from both its business lines. The added value of Carlisle’s application rests with its specialists and design engineers who work with the OEM’s product development team to identify parameters and requirements for the new brake or transmission system design, providing better results. In addition to designing industry-leading product technologies for a diverse range of applications, Carlisle also strives to provide superior customer service and support. For Carlisle, this initiative is just one of many ongoing efforts to continue and enhance our ability to offer customers the best possible experience and products.

Q: What makes Carlisle’s products unique in the mining industry and how do Carlisle brands allow the company to provide a more complete and better service?

A: Carlisle provides complete engineered brake system solutions, from the pedal to the wheel, allowing customers to reduce their supply chain. Furthermore, Carlisle’s experience in this segment is unparalleled. As a brake supplier, safety comes first, and our brake solutions are validated not just on our many laboratory dynamometers but often in partnership with our customers. By following a rigorous development process, we are able to offer the market, a product they can trust and depend on.

As for our brands, for over a century, Carlisle has been serving many markets with the Carlisle Brake & Friction, Wellman Products Group, Japan Power Brake, Hawk Performance and VelveTouch brands. These brands have allowed us to reach more customers and ensure that we understand their needs and, therefore, offer the best solutions in the market. Carlisle Brake & Friction remains a world-leading provider of innovative products, dependable service and technical support to both the vehicle manufacturer service channels and the global independent markets.

Q: How important is innovation for the company?

A: Innovation is in our DNA. Our motto is ‘Innovating solutions for a world in motion’. From the start, we have always tried to improve what is already on the market. An example is when Henry Ford called us and our founder, Samuel K. Wellman, began producing transmission linings for the Ford Model T. Carlisle technologies became the OEM’s standard for this first series of road cars in the world. Another example of an innovative product is the Carlisle Brake & Friction Electric Parking Brake, an electrically actuated parking brake designed for the future of electric transmissions, which was showcased in the CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas. However, due to the pandemic, no many people could take a close look at it. We have always tried to meet the current needs of the market and as a result, we have been constantly updating our products and services. Previously, in mining, dry brakes were used more than wet brakes; however, the latter offers more durability and reliability, and as a result, dry brakes have been displaced. Carlisle has improved its brake systems and offers other innovative products, like electric brakes, where the durability and performance elements are further increased.

Q: How does the Carlisle’s Operating System reduce impact on the environment?

A: The Carlisle Operating System is the way we work across the four divisions of the company. It is our work culture and the system that allows us to achieve manufacturing efficiencies that provide excellent customer service based on the time, quality and safety of our products. In addition to complying with all the necessary environmental certifications at our nine facilities around the world, we are constantly looking to improve our products. As long-time suppliers, we have built strong relationships with renowned companies in several industries. We know how important it is to be socially and environmentally responsible.

Q: What are Carlisle’s most in-demand products in the Mexican mining sector?

A: The main products demanded by mines not only in Mexico and the rest of the world are our brake service and wearable parts, such as brake linings, that are the most requested due to their severe usage. Other products are pistons, friction discs, steel plates, dampers and transmission spare parts, such as friction discs and steel plates. To ease the purchasing process, we offer some kits and sets of these service parts. It is important to mention that brake and transmission systems are components that the mining industry considers essential and since we are the manufacturer and supplier of these, it is very likely that the systems used by several mining companies were manufactured by Carlisle, which allows us to guarantee excellent support in the aftermarket.

Q: What recent project did the company participate in Mexico?

A: In the mining segment, we have been participating in many projects through the OEM service channels. Our certified distributors are an additional channel to provide service. This independent market is where we are focusing now. We have been awarded the friction lining to service the dry brakes of the electric shovels at Americas Mining Corporation/Grupo México’s Buenavista de Cobre mine. In this project, we will provide the aftermarket parts. That will gives us the opportunity to grow and demonstrate Carlisle’s capabilities.

Carlisle Brake & Friction is a solutions provider of high performance and heavy-duty brake, clutch and transmission applications to OEMs and aftermarket customers in the mining, construction, military, agricultural, motorsports, industrial and aerospace markets.

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