Jesús Patiño Rossell
General Manager
Haver & Boecker Mexicana

Innovation to Create Tailor-Made Screening Solutions

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 11:38

The classification of ground, screened and micronized material has always been an important stage in mining. To achieve better production results, different sized minerals must be separated and analyzed. “Screens separate the minerals through a netting, which can be made up of different materials and sizes, allowing the classification of the minerals to proceed in the most efficient way. This also results in the enrichment of the required materials after the corresponding screening,” explains Jesús Patiño Rossell, General Manager at Haver & Boecker Mexicana.

Haver & Boecker has been manufacturing screens for 125 years, but it was not until 2006 that the company began to operate in Mexico, after an important sale to Grupo Mexico at the dawn of the recent mining boom. The company is focused on both domestic and foreign mining companies operating in the Mexican market. However, it is currently working with 60% Mexican clients, including big companies like Grupo Mexico, Peñoles, Minera Frisco, Minera Autlán, among others. The other 40% are foreign mines led by Goldcorp, Ternium, ArcelorMittal, and First Majestic. But nationality does not really matter, since Haver & Boecker’s goal is to contribute to the productivity of Mexican mining in general. “Our 125 years in the industry give us a lot of experience in screening systems. There are many respectable companies that offer products for the entire integrated mining process. We focus exclusively on screening and that makes us experts, enabling us to efficiently solve problems and create new quality options,” highlights Patiño Rossell. There are many different processes in mining, and every day new ones are created. It is for this reason that the company must continue innovating. Patiño Rossell stresses that the company’s strategy is to generate new technology as a result of observation and feedback from clients, as well as general research in diverse areas. He points out that one of the company’s great advantages is that it has teams creating tailor-made solutions for each project. This is a group of experts that, with the support of high tech tools and based on the client’s information, defines in a simple way the type and size of equipment for each project. “Through our subsidiary Haver-Tyler, we have manufactured the biggest screens in the world, which were assembled in Brazil and are used in Canada to exploit bituminous sand with a feeding capacity of 15,000 tonnes per hour, which represents the highest screening capacity in the world,” he adds.

The current market downturn does not come as a surprise to the company, which is prepared to overcome the challenges that it represents. “The metal prices have gone down, and this trend may or may not continue. However, our development allows us to be prepared for it, with the required market strategies,” says Patiño Rossell. Currently, the company’s most important clients are Grupo Mexico, Peñoles, ArcelorMittal, Minera Frisco, Grupo Calidra, and First Majestic, among many others. In Grupo Mexico’s case, Haver & Boecker supplies screens that have been manufactured in Mexico, and among those will be the biggest screens in operation in the country.