Innovative Belts for Improved Power Transmission,

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 12:10

Gates has been supplying the Mexican mining industry with advanced power transmission and fluid transfer solutions for the last 25 years. Its most standout product is the Hi-Power II V-belt. The company’s founder, John Gates, invented the V-belt in 1917, helping to both transform the power transmission industry and position Gates as a global player. “The product designed by John Gates remains the highest performing belt in the market today. It is among the most trusted pieces of equipment in a mining operation, since the workers know that the operation will not shut down due to a belt failure,” claims Victor Mendoza, Commercial Vice-President of Gates de México. The Hi-Power II belt combines modern materials with a design that makes it resistant to oil, heat, ozone, sunlight, weather, and aging. “Our belts for the mining industry perform four times better than the belts of our closest competitor. The cord that we use, which is the core component of the belt, is a patented component which undergoes a special treatment in order to resist and exceed the minimal requirements for mining applications,” continues Mendoza. The belt’s flexbonded cords are bound through a thermal process applied to the body of the belt resulting in equal load distribution and absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration. The adhesive rubber between the cords not only unifies them with other belt components but also provides a layer of static conductivity. Moreover, the Gates Flex-Weave cover is a patented fabric construction which guarantees a longer life for the belt covering, providing extended protection to the belt core from oil, dirt, and heat. The Hi-Power II belt also possesses concaved lateral walls which provide full contact with the sheave-groove for equal loading and uniform wear. The upper arched part of the belt gives higher strength to the cords to prevent loosening and distortion, which contributes to the equal loading and increases belt life. Straight walls typically flex and concentrate the wear on a small area of the walls. These belts are suitable for all industrial applications, including v-flat drives, and meet a series of international norms to ensure the quality of the products and the safety of their application. “Our industrial belts, couplings, and hydraulic hoses can be used throughout the mining supply chain in all types of mining operations. Whether it is for underground, open-pit, or longwall mining, our products can help mining operations work more efficiently,” says Mendoza. Major corporations such as Industrias Peñoles, Grupo Acerero del Norte, and Grupo Mexico already make use of the company’s specialized mining products to overcome challenges in production rate and profitability. “Since the mining industry is important for Mexico, it is crucial for suppliers and service providers to come up with innovative ways to support the mine workers every day,” he expresses. “Mining operations are far from urban areas, and the workers from these sites expect that their equipment needs will be met when they need it.” The Hi-Power II belt can be counted to meet precisely those expectations.