Javier Barella
Regional Director North Latin America

Innovative Software Solution Attracts Industry Heavyweights

Wed, 10/18/2017 - 15:11

As an industry, mining is not known for its readiness to adopt new technology that challenges established methods. But the emergence of IoT and Industry 4.0 are making it increasingly hard for executives to resist transition. OSI Soft designs open enterprise infrastructure to help industrial companies optimize their processes via operational intelligence. Its flagship PI System, which generates real-time infrastructure data to be transferred onto different platforms for immediate analysis, can be adapted to sectors varying from oil and gas and energy to pharmaceutical and transportation. A total of 65 percent of Fortune 500 industrial companies currently use the system, and it has proved a massive hit in the mining sector with heavyweights Barrick Gold and Anglo American both on the company’s client list. “This technology can be used by any company with operations large enough to need it, regardless of the sector in which it operates,” says Javier Barella, the company’s regional sales manager for Mexico and Central America. “Nine out of the 10 largest metals and mining companies in the world use our system.”

With automation technology increasing the importance of computers in mineral extraction and production processes, mine operators can find themselves having to analyze a myriad of different networks simultaneously. From remote-controlled vehicle tracking devices to innovative filter management systems, platforms like the PI System enable operators to keep track of several networks via one centralized base. The data generated allows the user to assess the systems’ performance quickly and accurately