Jaime Lomelín

Interesting Mexico’s Youth in Science

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 12:07

NAFTA spurred the creation of the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC), which in turn established Innovation in Science Education (INNOVEC), a nonprofit aimed at fostering scientific research, innovation, and the improvement of science education in Mexican schools. Over the past decade INNOVEC has trained over 30,000 teachers, benefiting a yearly average of 425,000 students in many regions of Mexico. Its current President, Jaime Lomelín, proudly represents the mining industry’s contribution in this honorable educational effort. INNOVEC’s teaching strategies are put to use in programs that take advantage of children’s curiosity for the learning of natural sciences: Experimental Education Systems and Investigative Science (SEVIC). INNOVEC believes that an active, pupil-centered education generates an interest in understanding and reasoning the world we live in. This interest, Lomelín stresses, holds the key to innovation. “You cannot improve something that you do not understand. Similarly, we cannot move forward as a society if we do not comprehend the important relations between science, technology, and innovation. We think that every citizen has the right to receive high quality scientific education, regardless of their occupation or career choice,” he says. “This is essential for the construction of a democratic society. We need an informed citizenship: a participative and motivated society, capable of resolving communitarian problems. By educating students in sciences, we also build our nation’s human capital, making Mexico more competitive in the process and improving the goods and services we produce. An inquisitive, teamworking, problem-solving society is crucial to this country.”