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Investing in Filtration Tech to Achieve Top Industry Standards

Guillermo Briseño - Donaldson
Vice President Latam


Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 05/05/2022 - 10:20

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Q: How is the company helping miners to reduce costs with its filtration systems?

A: The sophistication of today’s equipment and the need to improve productivity demands a higher level of cleanliness for fluids in the mining sector. Donaldson’s hydraulics and cleaning solution, mainly targeting bulk tank filtration systems, help the industry save money by avoiding costly component replacements, preventing unplanned downtime and nipping fuel efficiency issues in the bud due to less wear and tear on injection systems. All this helps reduce the total cost for owning this kind of equipment.

Q: What differentiates the company from others offering the same solutions?

A: Donaldson invests around 2 to 3 percent of its global revenue in R&D on an annual basis to develop solutions that will not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards.

Another critical differentiator for Donaldson is its proximity to customers and our understanding of their needs. We offer the highest possible engineering level on site as well as technical support. These factors help us support our brand positioning, reinforce our commitment to the industry and allow us to continue building strong customer relationships.

All the filtration solutions that Donaldson delivers yield additional benefits, such as lower maintenance costs, reduced equipment downtime and productivity improvements.

Q: What is the innovation behind the Filter Minder Connect monitoring solution and how reliable is the data it provides?

A: The Filter Minder Connect relies on software and hardware to detect, measure, collect, understand and store data regarding different filtration systems. Based on this extremely reliable data, companies can implement strategies to lower operating costs and decrease the generation of waste.

Donaldson has incorporated telemetry systems, which guarantee the safe handling of the data and enable real-time monitoring in the cloud. We offer another type of connected monitoring solution for industrial and process applications regarding dust collection, called iCue. This solution helps monitor all filtration activities and their efficiency.

Q: How can the company's offering help miners become more environmentally responsible?  

A: This is a critical aspect for Donaldson. As a leading filtration solutions provider, our offer must expand from the mine’s engine performance to the products, processing and industrialization processes, which may generate pollution. Donaldson helps every customer navigate the complex dust collection environment in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

We have developed innovative filtration and dust, fumes and mist collectors that will reduce pollution at the mine, improve working processes and safeguard the environment. Donaldson can provide turnkey solutions to engineer and implement a complete and functional solution toward various sustainable industrial applications.

 Q: How do you tailor solutions for customers?

A: The company works hard to reduce the space needed to install a proper filtration solution. Furthermore, our various technologies expand the durability of the life of a filter. Donaldson’s Downflo Evolution, for example, combines high-level fluid filtration with a small footprint.

Moreover, Donaldson provides excellent after-sales services and can send experts to help support its clients. We also have a large inventory so that the necessary material is available for maintenance as fast as possible.

Q: What are the company's prospects for 2022 and its main objectives for the Mexican mining sector?

A: Our main goal is to continue to be a market leader for various industries, including the mining sector. Donaldson also works in transport, construction, agriculture and industrial manufacturing and aims to provide innovative filtration solutions and the optimal technical support both on and off-site. We also aim to continue delivering knowledge by training our end users, distribution networks, employed technicians and key decision-makers in both engine and industrial applications.

Donaldson also is investing to expand its footprint globally by enlarging its manufacturing facilities and establishing e-commerce capabilities. We also support customers via distribution centers and have been training and enhancing our logistical network to reach our clients faster.



Donaldson offers filtration solutions to a variety of industries, including Mexico’s mining sector.

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