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Key Industry Insights from the Late Bradford Cooke

By Karin Dilge | Mon, 08/22/2022 - 11:45

Endeavour Silver’s Founder, former Director and Executive Chairman Bradford Cooke often said that the mining industry often gets a bad rap. Moreover, he held the belief that public figures tend to portray mining as an uncaring or “dirty” industry. This perception was not only outdated but misleading, as the mining sector actually leads the way for other industries to follow when it comes to embracing corporate social integrity.

Mexico is a key producer of many metals needed for the energy transition. Nonetheless, according to Cooke, policies to encourage the private sector to invest in the discovery, development and operation of new mines is still lacking.

“Even though its best policies are only in the middle of the pack of 77 different jurisdictions worldwide, Mexico has a decent pool of skilled labor for the mining industry, a well-developed geological database to support exploration and mining, good infrastructure, such as airports, roads, power grid and social services and reasonable certainty of environmental regulations, although the changes to and slowdown of environmental permitting is a recent and rising concern,” said Cooke.

Canada’s Fraser Institute conducts an annual global survey of government policies and performance regarding the mining industry worldwide, to see which regions have the most attractive versus least attractive environment. Its 2020 survey shows that Mexico has a long way to go to be truly competitive at the top of the mining world.

“This administration has presented policies that are contrary to fair and reasonable investment. In sectors such as hydrocarbons and infrastructure, we have seen a trend toward the abandonment of public-private partnerships and projects,” said Cooke.

Furthermore, Cooke believed that the best policy any government could develop is to create positive conditions conducive for new investments and economic activity. He added that in every significant mining project in Mexico, companies invest in the development of the communities, nurturing education by developing the talent and skills of local and diversified workforces and contributing to public health by facilitating new clinics and medical services. He believed deeply in the key role that mining plays in the rural economy of Mexico.

Mexico Business News regrets to announce that Bradford Cooke, Founder and Executive Chairman of Endeavour Silver, passed away this past Thursday in Vancouver at the age of 67. Cooke formed Endeavour Silver together with Godfrey Walton in 2003 with the goal of acquiring and developing high-grade silver-gold projects in Mexico. Since then, the company acquired, rebuilt and expanded four silver mines and made significant discoveries in the country. MBN extends its deepest condolences to his family, friends and business associates. Cooke was a prolific contributor to MBN, often spreading word of the value mining activities create in Mexico.

Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst